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for Starfox: The Tale of a Young Fox

4/30/2017 c7 Starvixen64
So far so good, and cute!
4/30/2017 c2 Starvixen64
That would explain the rivalry between them as adults
6/24/2016 c33 Guest
I'd rather you start a new story, honestly
5/1/2016 c32 Mr.Wolfie
This is one of the cutest fanfictions I've read and all I have to say is that I really love and if you keep posting chapters I promise I will keep reading :3
2/9/2016 c30 Wolfie1997
i really love what you did with the story and i really really hope you would finish this sometime soon but i just need to get one thing off my chest: Fox McCloud is THE best thing in Lylat next to Wolf. I really would think EVERYONE would enjoy this story even more if fox was sorta...Tougher...and not so much like a baby. im totally sorry if thats what you were shooting for C:
10/13/2015 c6 1Nicolepowerbond
As long as you don't think out loud Krystal, i'm sure they won't mind at all
10/6/2015 c26 Guest
I fully expect a chapter where someone gets a papercut and every single living thing in a 10-mile radius dissolves into a puddle of tears.

You should consider toning it down a bit. Even someone with serious mental issues would look at these characters and go , "Jeez, what's wrong with them?"

Good on you for sticking with it for so long, though. You're a decent writer, you just need to learn to make your characters react more reasonably/believably to things.
9/8/2015 c23 Guest
I love this story!
Can't wait for the next chapter.
8/26/2015 c20 JadeStep96
A few things I'd like to address. (LONG review incoming)

*Blush* The shout out wasn't necessary, but thank you! I really enjoyed the flow of this chapter, Falco's personality draft was unlike his natural egoist self which makes him less one-sided, which is good.
The description souly based around Fox's mental state was helpful and appreciated. (By the way, the fear of Darkness within an area is called - Nyctophobia.) you did a nice job describing his reaction, but usually the affects last longer but I understand I understand that its not a major detail so that's alright. (I found this to be TOO funny)
Slippy: "I think it's about to rain soon, maybe that's why."
Bill: "Are you sure? I just heard an explosion near by. Probably a power plant."

LOL! Slippy Toad, this is why no StarFox fan likes you. You claim to be member of Intellect...yet you lack some of the most basic knowledge in both - Logical explanation & Elemental effects.
You used: Think, About, and maybe in the same sentence...Slippy, WHAT are you implying?!
1.) You have no full grasp on the problem at hand.
2.) Have no estimated time given when the problem might take place and finished off with say "maybe".
3.) Bill just called you out...BIG TIME!
My boy, Bill Grey simply stated a chemical reaction based when two occuring cells make contact which results in an explosion (I'm not going in-depth to ALL of that process!)

LOL! Sorry, I could'nt contain myself.
(I love you Bill Grey!)

Great chapter ChilledBoo, this one was a satisfaction indeed. The plot twist quick and unexpected, its the PERFECT combination for sudden shock within a story and did just that. *Thombs up*

Notice: I'm available on DeviantART, I have MASSIVE collection of Favorites that are available for anyone to view, and I have my own Personal Gallery. I post Non-cannon stories of StarFox & Road Rovers. Feel free to read them and if you could rate and comments below I'd appreciate it.) Well, I see you in the next chapter, and if possible, could you please check me out on DeviantART? Thanks, that's all. Until the next chapter.
8/22/2015 c19 JadeStep96
This chapter was fairly long and that's cool but...I noticed a pattern in Fox's personality: He's timid, shy and just flat out aloof while around others but around Wolf, he's relaxed overjoyed and a little jittery. But if someone comes into the scene he flips quickly usually to negative emotions which usually end up in yelling, fleeing, crying. Fox is only 16. Was this all intended? Because he's appered to have Social phobia and generalized anxiety disorder. or at least some form of Autism. Is this part of the plot or am I over-thinking?

Regardless, nice chapter. Keep on going!
8/21/2015 c18 JadeStep96
Woah, Bill's alive after all, I wasn't expecting that. Great chapter. _
8/21/2015 c16 JadeStep96
Wow, that escalated quickly...poor Bill, he's my favorite character in the franchise. He's seriously under rated and I hope that he will make an appearance in StarFox: Zero. Nice chapter by the way, its just tragic through...
8/9/2015 c6 JadeStep96
I like what I'm seeing so far but I have adress an error. ( Its NOTHING regarding vocabulary and\or grammar because since English is not your primary language that wouldn't be fair )

It's about the end of chapter 5, Fox McCloud is at the age of 16 and in COLLEGE? Pardon my language but D***! Did he skip 3 years of highschool? I'm 19 and College begins in the fall for me. PLEASE understand, I enjoy your story and for someone who's primary language isn't English, your doing FANTASTIC! But, I would recommend you change the College age for chapter 5, age 16 isn't normal.

But either then that, keep on going! _
8/5/2015 c14 Holden
Love the story but fox seems a little to weak and mellow dramatic, the three way thing irks me a little but overall great story!
8/2/2015 c14 7Dianager Rambaldi
ah, dude... you repeat the prologue again -_-"
where's the chapter?
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