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for Starfox: The Tale of a Young Fox

7/3/2015 c8 7Dianager Rambaldi
Alright... I think prefer Wolf instead Krystal... #-way relationships never liked me, ehen the 3rd partner was Krystal. Well only I can say keep going my friend :3

And please, don't mess feelings again, ok? it confused me -_-
6/30/2015 c6 Dianager Rambaldi
Alright, now I'm right here, I need to know so a few things

Fists, since I read that fic of yours I notice a few of speak mistakes and some missing spelling; second, your story is good, even I don't know the heck why Wolf is mean with Fox and the next day, become and silly and foggy guy... Ahm... I don't wanna to lie you, but I think Krystal is so annoying. In fact, 3-way relationship never last... and dunno how you wanna to go at this story :v

Sorry, my english is horrible and sometimes very confussing, I hope to see more in the future :3 -Or I hope if Hopes confess his love to Wolf, oh heck yes! xD-

See ya :3
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