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for Skills Kept Secret

3/7/2021 c1 PrincessBloodBlossom
This is very interesting! Hope you update it one day soon. Goodbye!:3:)
2/10/2017 c1 Wishfull-star
that was a wonderful sequel to Fringeperson's story, I loved it thank you for writing it:)
12/26/2015 c1 346fringeperson
A little confusing at first... but I like it.
6/21/2015 c1 2Sanz0girl
That was good. Are you continuing this story?
6/20/2015 c1 7Vuurvlieg
Not bad at all! I liked that story a lot an I was personally disappointed that it didn't continue longer. Love the idea of a sequel and so far I like your writing. The only real error I can see that in one of the last scenes of DTS, it was mentioned that Cloud/Zack was redesigning first Tsurugi. It could be that in this chapter that sword is simply not yet complete but since your Zach was searching for a blade it seems that it should have been mentioned. Still, I'm really looking forward to the next chapter. Keep up the good work!

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