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12/4/2017 c10 86theblindwriter95
Things just got more interesting. I love it!
11/2/2017 c1 sth91342
this story is pretty interesting. good introduction of characters, a dark theme and a lot of questions that readers want answers too. keep up the great work!
8/27/2017 c8 4Racingwolf
Great chapter, I hope Dale will be okay.
8/5/2017 c7 Racingwolf
Great chapter, I'm curious to see where this goes!
7/29/2017 c7 86theblindwriter95
Wow. I love you and this story. The dark wing duck as a human thing? Genius man.
7/4/2017 c6 4Racingwolf
I hope Dale will be okay! And I'm glad they all know what Zipper did was in self defense.

Great job with the story!
7/3/2017 c6 86theblindwriter95
You're doing an amazing job. Keep it up!
7/3/2017 c5 4Racingwolf
Wow I was not expecting something like that to happen. I hope they don't blame Zipper for having to do that. I'm sure he didn't want to. Can't wait to see what happens next!
6/29/2017 c4 Guest
This is such a great read! I'm enjoying this take on the Rangers!
6/16/2017 c4 Racingwolf
Wow I wasn't expecting a new chapter so soon. What an awesome surprise!

I really like the stories you've come up with for this. I'm curious about what will happen to Zipper and Chip.

Looking forward to the next one!
5/24/2017 c3 86theblindwriter95
Even as a human Fat Cat is more of a bastard than what he was on the show.
5/19/2017 c2 theblindwriter95
I'm impressed. Very impressed.
6/21/2015 c1 theblindwriter95
I say continue!

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