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4/29/2020 c1 34mayflowerbel
Wow, I love this. Pity there isn't more.
10/3/2016 c3 Nena
You should wright morre
3/24/2016 c3 8Hikari-J
How did I not find this sooner?

Like another reviewer said - I'm in awe of the sheer possibilities. The Narutoverse doesn't stand... A ghost of a chanceee! (obligatory pun.)

No seriously, Orochimaru is in for a long haul between Ryou and Yugi.

I'm curious at how team dynamics would be between these two and how left out Sakura would suddenly be.
And how Kakashi would take all of this, to be honest.

Like you say... Poor Akatsuki "Do you want to play a Game?..."

I was impressed at how you recognized something that most writers in the Yugiverse forget : The Thief King became nothing more than a part of Zorc, the one who killed him. Kudos for this.

Also, I can just see the fight between Madara and any of these three... Considering one of them can summon real Gods and the likes.

To be honest, I like how it stands as an one shot through, it has more strength this way. Seeing them basically curbstomp most opponents (through games of wits, admitedly) has less of an impact as the deep introspection these lives has one them, and their relations with others characters.

I find it hilarious though that Neji being Marik and Yugi being Naruto, it's basically like canon - How the protagonist teaches Neji then to let go of his hatred could very well happen again...
2/27/2016 c3 NenaShadowslayer
I hope you wright more.
10/24/2015 c3 3Akayuki Novak
...I'm in awe of the changes this could wreck in the Naruto!verse. Enough so that I'm tempted to go and read through the Naruto series, or at least the beginning, to get a feel of everyone else to see how twisted these three like this could change things. *becoming giddy* Oh, there is so much potential here!
8/4/2015 c3 fanficbrowser
Please tell me you're actually going to do something with this idea. I really like what you've done so far, and I think you might actually be able to make something really good out of this. Also, I'm a sucker for a good reincarnation fic, which there are sadly few off.

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