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for (Smut - TO BE CONTINUED) Gardevoir gets Pushy

10/13 c13 Guest
Shame, I was getting really interested in the story. Oh well.
9/21 c13 Guest
More chapters of GGP please , I love that story
3/20 c13 TQ
Sorry I hadn't realized you updated sooner, I would love for your previous stories (Specificly this one personally) to be continued. I think it would be a shame for them to be just left in the dust. Hope you enjoy writing though, if it's in a new story or taking one of these back up off the shelf and continuing it :)
3/1 c13 Flare
I would love to see this get continued! I hope we can tie up these older series and then continue to the new ones.
1/28 c12 Guest
This is one hell of read at 12:00 AM. Thank you for writing this, and I suppose it was a true ending. Live life to the fullest, and arivederci.
1/7 c12 Anonymous user
if you're planning on finishing this, please do :)
7/12/2019 c12 Guest
Im guessing you didnt get any reviews, so you never finished it, which I truly am sorry for. If you ever read this msg know that there are still those who would love to see the ending of this beautiful saga. Please.
6/4/2019 c12 AbyssWatcher
I would love to see the end but if you got other priorities I understand not being able to finish this stiry
5/28/2019 c12 Ya boi
Yeah I'd like to read the end
5/17/2019 c12 1Spawn1079
4/20/2019 c12 jpspike
I quite liked this story, it was dark but sweet in a romantically twisted way. I wish to see the conclusion to this story but i also understand life and all that takes us in different directions. Maybe one day, I hope, you could find the drive to take up this story again and write an ending worthy of this story. but i also know the best stories never really end.
3/22/2019 c5 guest reader
i'm not sure but i think it goes like this
lauren: "master as i told you i'm the only girl for you i'll bare our human babys and lay our ralts eggs".
arty: pulls out a shotgun and pumps a round into the chamber "i'll kill any man or boy that hurts our daughters lauren".
12/15/2018 c12 Dear Jesus
For cristmas i want this story updated, i dont like cliffhangers.

11/12/2018 c12 hapyjohn
id love to see a continuation but i understand if you have other priorities...
9/1/2018 c12 Guest
It's a shame that this ended. It was a really good story... And right at such a pivotal point, too. I wish more people had expressed that they wanted it to continue...
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