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for Soul of the Dragon 2: Enter the Void

4/27 c93 3MerlockVonBaron
Hey stranger glad to see ya still alive
10/11/2020 c32 1Mike3000jr
I love the avatar references now all you need is some poor guy and his cabbages
10/10/2020 c13 5HunterHQ
Wonder if this is the last time Sayer will be seen, also hope the situation with loose ends like Misty's brother gets addressed and the rest of the Arcadia Movement in hiding too.

Also nice to see Yusei's old satellite friends like Rally and Blitz, shame they and along with Bolt and Yanagi weren't shown again after season 2.

Think you may also use Duel Transer as well or Wheelie Breakers for ideas?
10/10/2020 c1 HunterHQ
It's interesting to see how they first started out meeting Zora and getting their new home settled in. Didn't expect Zora to be hostile towards Yusei so it'll be interesting to see how he wins her approval overtime.

Was thinking you can also use characters and ideas from the games like Over the Nexus and tag force to help out in the future if you want. Also would there be archtypes from Arc V too?

I feel there should be more fusion and ritual monsters used during 5ds but will leave it to you. Also with recent support like Red supernova dragon and Meklord Astro Dragon Triskelion it'll be interesting to see how duels will go.
6/9/2020 c85 6overthemoonday
The Peru arc was always one of my favorite arcs in the show. I'm glad you did it justice- and added Carly to the mix too!
6/7/2020 c84 overthemoonday
5/18/2020 c83 overthemoonday
The Peru arc! We're finally here!
5/6/2020 c82 3ErythSkies
Light-hearted! Kisses!
I like what you did with BBT and I'm looking forward to what comes next!
5/5/2020 c82 6overthemoonday
OH MY GOD I love how they were making out right in front of jaden and yugi
3/31/2020 c81 3ErythSkies
Okay binge read a lot of chapters but here I am
I'm not normally a fan of BBT in fics but I am really enjoying this! Splitting up Yusei from the rest of the group was a fantastic idea and I loved the kind of chaos that it brought (and I loved older!Lise). I'm really excited as to where you're gonna take this!
Also high-key love the chapter name! (Also I realized that I've never actually followed this story since a few chapters piled up but I'm high-key stupid so)
3/19/2020 c81 6overthemoonday
IM CRYING THATS SO SWEET AND MEANINGFUL i dont know what to say except thank you, you're an amazing friend and such an inspiration to keep going

this chapter is so freaking unique. like, first of all, this is such a hard arc to grasp and the fact that you created a three vs one duel WITH a new character AND an entire subplot with yusei is so genius. I love how theyre all out of time but still together fighting because it makes sense

and the fact that yusei never got to grow old with lise is heartwrenching
3/9/2020 c80 overthemoonday
3/9/2020 c79 overthemoonday
BBT is one of my absolute favorite movies of all time, and I’m so glad you’re writing it! Most people skip it or pretend it didn’t happen, and honestly, it’s a travesty. Mostly because more people should take the time to add Jaden to their stories. I’m in love with him

Oh THAT was a twist
3/9/2020 c78 overthemoonday
The cover band was a cool idea! And the spa day. It’s giving me hella anime vibes. But also the team deserves a chance to relax
3/9/2020 c77 overthemoonday
Woo! Yusei won! Which was a no brainer, of course
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