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1/10/2017 c18 11The First Adventuress
I forgot to review this last chapter so many months (was it a year?) ago. Well, not really forgot. TranscendentElvenRanger was\is an account I shared\share with a friend, and I was logged into the wrong account at the time of review. My comments there stand.

In short, this was a beautiful ending to a beautiful story. Wistful, but with deep promise of hope. I have always had fun imagining a religious underground in Panem. After all, the country is based pretty explicitly off ancient Rome, and what would Rome have been without the catacombs and the Christians?

It's beautiful, a perfect ending to this tale of courage.
7/27/2016 c18 13Cowboy-4-Christ
10/28/2015 c18 41CrackinAndProudOfIt
Perfect! I loved seeing Katniss' internal reaction to finding out part of the meaning of the cross. Amaranth's life was clearly such a strong testimony to hope, especially within the brutal frame of the Games. I'm happy Katniss and Peeta will have the chance to discover that peace and hope.

Excellent work on this story overall! I loved seeing the way a follower of Christ continued to be a light even in such deep darkness. Thank you for the inspiration!

10/28/2015 c17 CrackinAndProudOfIt
What a touching end to Amaranth's story. Her hope has given her a victory far higher than winning the Games. I love the way she defies the Capitol with hope, love, and forgiveness as she reaches out to Cato even as her own death approaches. The final dialogue with Katniss and Peeta is very moving: I hope they come to know the One who was beaten and killed for Amaranth's sake, theirs, and ours.

Off to the epilogue!
10/28/2015 c16 CrackinAndProudOfIt
This chapter really brings out Amaranth's practical side. While she's not made of iron-the brief scene describing being overwhelmed by grief for Thresh shows that well-she's clever and resilient. You write her thoughts in an easy to read and follow way, very fitting for a chapter full of "survival mode" decisions.

I can't wait to see what happens now that she's found Katniss and Peeta!
10/28/2015 c15 CrackinAndProudOfIt
Beautiful and moving chapter. Your characterization of both Thresh and Amaranth is en pointe-I love the way you portray the close platonic bond they've built. Knowing you, I've had a hunch about the hand symbol (and Amaranth's plan) from the beginning of the story... Its appearance here supported my theory in a wonderful way. :)

Off to the next chapter!
10/21/2015 c18 Fan of Fiction
Wonderful story! Fabulous ending! So well done! I didn't quite use up a whole box of tissues, just maybe half.
Thanks for creating and sharing this excellent story, redeeming the games a bit in the processes.
10/14/2015 c18 Mutant Hobbit
THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST HUNGER GAMES STORIES I HAVE EVER READ. I love the way you wrote her unique 'character' throughout the story and revealed its origin in the end. Her Hope doesn't help her 'cope' with pain, it fills her heart with peace even to death. Knowing that Katniss and Peeta could receive it later on is very fulfilling! :D The entire story was excellent, expertly written, and I enjoyed it very much! Thank you!
10/14/2015 c18 2SibunaMockingjay
You've outdone yourself. that's all i can say. Very well done and it's been a great ride xxx
10/13/2015 c18 6xxIvorySkinnedxx
Omg. You just went Christian on us, I kept wandering what the sign would be didn't know it would be a cross though. Cool story love it
10/12/2015 c18 2TranscendentElvenRanger
This has been a joy to read and follow. I always liked to imagine that there was probably still an underground sort of church movement, like the catacombs, in Panem, and that either 12 wasn't particularly religious, was too small to have a movement, to Katniss just wasn't in the right circles to know about it. Suzanne Collins is Catholic, so I'm sure the thought crossed her mind.
10/6/2015 c17 4CaptainAmericaTARDISmustache
I should've known that there wasn't enough story left for her to make it... Oh well. AMAZING JOB! Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go get a box of tissues.
10/3/2015 c17 Mutant Hobbit
I loved this chapter! It was so sad, but through it all you know there is still hope. *sniff snob sniff sniff* Your writing skills are excellent!
10/2/2015 c17 3LDS Fangirl Author

That was beautifully done!
Some people don't know how to write good death scenes, but you are NOT one of those people. That was stirring, intense, and meaningful.
10/2/2015 c17 11The First Adventuress
That...was...awesome. Sad. But awesome. I figured she would most likely die in the end so I was kind of expecting it but still. Amaranth shares my games strategy, though I have to say I would probably be willing to kill a career if they were actively threatening me. Now we've both upset each other (in a good way) by killing of characters in our stories. Is this a bad time to say GO RANGERS. The Mariners are officially out of it so I'm rooting for you guys. May the odds be ever in your favor.
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