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for The Multi-Bladed Hunter

1/8 c7 1wolfdragonmoon8976
we need more now and Neville is the one that die with grayback
12/9/2021 c7 soratomoyo-chan
More please
11/1/2021 c7 HikariAyoshi
... With that kind of title I would guess that Luna is a fujoshi playing matchmaker, and Kirito is gonna have a very nice surprise-
4/30/2021 c1 rssilva1017
6'1 harry is unbelievable he is a pretty short guy
4/11/2021 c7 1GirlOfDeath
I still absolutely adore this story and come back to read it ever so often. I hope one day it will be carried on . Thank you for the hard work.
2/10/2021 c7 11TheAbyssLooksBack
I guess you were right about the year thing, cus it's been two. I hoped you kept writing, even if you didn't post, it's still a good fic. Thanks for sharing it.
1/17/2021 c1 Yaoi Lover
I love your introduction. There are to many buchered up pairings, turning males into females just so it can be hetero. It's the absolute WORST!
I'm exicted how it turns out
12/13/2020 c7 Tyreeseanimegal
Hey i love this book soo much. Just wondering when your going to update.
11/20/2020 c7 1cerezo.dulce11
Alguna vez lo seguirás? Es muy buen fanfic.
10/28/2020 c1 FearThePuggles
Already know this hasn't been updated for a while, but I'm still going to torture myself by reading what chapters are here and wonder when it will be updated. Lovin' life.
7/31/2020 c1 1kamenheroHEISEI

THE YAOI TRASH DOESN'T SHOW UP TILL THE 240s reviews count for sao crossover!

Of course its a harry potter one why am i not surprised.
6/25/2020 c7 godess bubbles
Wow..I love everything about this. I love seeing a strong dominant Harry the most. I'm sad that we haven't seen Harry REALLY flirt with Kirito yet, but hopefully we'll get to see that in the next chapter. It was a nice surprise to see Luna, I wasn't expecting that. Are the others there too or just Luna? I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with Kirito's daughter and if Harry has to travel to Japan to see Kirito when the game is over. Sorry for the long review but I really like this fic! I hope you come back to it soon!
6/6/2020 c7 haybara
I need an update please, i want that kiss.
11/12/2019 c4 Ruru-lily
i prefer harry as a bottom too, but after i read your story i agree that kirito is ukeable. Unfortunately, just a few people can see kirito is ukeable.
10/16/2019 c7 Guest
Great story have you ever thought of writing a Harry potter/Smallville Harry/Clark? Hope you update
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