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11/18/2016 c4 74Queen-of-Ice101
I really quite like this first bit of the story! I love how you included Evylen from Tradition is Absolute, stories where OC's cross over are some of my favourites! Lol I was beginning to think that I was one of the only ones who write fanfics like that XD

Belle seems like a really interesting OC for sure, I love horses and riding so her being a vaulter makes this that much better:D I'm definitely looking forward to more romanticish interaction between Joker and Belle, though I know that it'll end in heartbreak since Joker dies at the end:( Unless you choose to go with a different pairing, in which I'm sure I'll love it still:)

Anyway, awesome chapters and I'll be looking forward to your next update!
4/16/2016 c4 2animefairy299
Please update Plaese Plaese Plaese Plaese Plaese
9/4/2015 c4 31Overlord Rousdower
Joker is one of my favorite characters *starts to sob pathetically*

Rousdower out_

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