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1/9 c20 ninny 1
Love it
12/27/2021 c15 SleepyDee
Amazing. Beautiful writing. I may be shedding some tears right now.
12/23/2021 c2 SleepyDee
You bring a very calming feel to Edward's voice. Really beautifully written so far.
12/11/2020 c1 Msann15
*chef's kiss*
12/4/2020 c4 Guest
This is brilliantly written - bravo. Better than SM wrote TBH
8/31/2020 c21 1MayeTwisty
This is exactly what I've always needed since twilight, but especially since midnight sun! Going to read eclipse one now 3
4/30/2020 c21 1WhisperingPotato
I’m commenting on this one because I’m waiting (maybe not so patiently) for Hope Springs Eternal to be finished.
First off, I discovered these docs about 2 years ago now, and I instantly fell in love. I think I actually binged the first book (Saudade) in like a day? The transition between SM writing and yours is seamless, and yet I can see hints of your voice here and there that make this a unique experience for me.
One of my pet peeves about fox is that writers tend to change the characters to better fit their story, rather than changing the story to fit the characters they have (unfortunately, I also do this from time to time in my writings). However, I feel like much of what you write, whether from Edwards point of view or of one of the many minds he listens to, is very close to the original character, or is a realistic stretch to their personality. I continue to reread these fics because I absolutely adore the characters, the writing, and the perspectives that you’ve given each of them.
As sad as I will be when you have completed these, I will continue to reread them when they cross my mind. Thank you so much for all the hard work you have put into them over the years, and I hope to one day read more fics from you, whether it’s following SM work or otherwise.
12/18/2019 c1 68TolkienScholar
Hey, there! You don't know me, I only pop in at WA once in a very long while, but I happened to see your post about your new job and decided to give you not just a congratulations but a celebratory review. ;)

So I read (or actually listened to) Twilight a couple years ago now, but I remember this scene pretty well, and I think you did a great job flipping the perspective here. Edward is broody and dramatic, just as he is in the books. I like how you walk us through his thought process as he tries to decide how to end his life and show why he ultimately settles on this option: he's not willing to do something violent like go on a killing spree because that's not who he is (anymore). This is the option that involves the harm to the fewest people, which is particularly important to him because he feels he deserves death because of the harm he caused to Bella.

I also appreciated the irony of the "destruction of a vampire," symbolic (and ironic in itself) for the celebration but all too real in this case. I definitely think that's something Edward would have been cognizant of. The reflection on where he'll end up - certainly not Heaven, hopefully nothing worse than oblivion - was also something I appreciated, as I found that element very interesting in the books.

Your writing is a delightful change of pace from most of what's on this site; although this is admittedly a low standard, I appreciate your quality spelling and grammar ;), and overall the chapter reads like a real book. So well done on that as well.

Altogether a very well-written chapter and a very nice start to your ambitious project (for which I must say I greatly admire you, as I have never had your stick-to-it-iveness). Congrats again on the job, and good luck!
12/14/2019 c3 6Pink Bead Girl
I like hearing all the thoughts in Edward's head, you
have accomplished this very nicely so far. Thank you.
12/14/2019 c2 Pink Bead Girl
It's always refreshing to find a piece of writing in Edward's voice. I feel you are doing a fine job of echoing that. I look forward to reading further. Thank you.
12/14/2019 c1 Pink Bead Girl
You have an elegant turn of phrase that has piqued my interest. I look forward to reading more. Thank you.
9/18/2019 c1 debb lavoie
I love Edward's POV.
8/25/2019 c7 BridieM
Really good. Thank you
8/25/2019 c6 BridieM
Heartbreaking. Beautifully imagined and written. Thanks
12/4/2018 c4 BridieM
Always. Always make me cry. Then I remember an episode of Big Bang Theory where Raj, upon reading New Moon says 'Oh Bella can't you see Edward loves you'! Cracks me up every time. So well written. Thank you
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