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for Dragonflies

5/1/2018 c2 AlixariaSeain
;-; Wow. Just, wow.
11/17/2016 c2 Rose Londelis
I love this so much oh my gosh! Think you'll ever continue? Either way, great work!
1/5/2016 c1 6Ghost Guardian
The god damn dragonflies are basically Pedri to Wrathia.
11/15/2015 c1 1Parallel Parabox
I adore this is well written and sweet.
8/30/2015 c1 20Rashel k
Adorable story. I'd always imagine that if Odin paid more attention to the fireflies or even Pedri that he'd figure it out, that he had a connection to her that went deeper than he ever thought possible (like come on, like anyone would ever think that someone else would have a similar demon stalking them, and not just a random demon but the wife/soul mate of the one you're stuck with? :') Excuse the slight rant).
You kept their characters true and made it an amusing fluffy read which I really needed tonight, so thank you for that :)
I don't suppose it'd be pushing it to request a second chapter? It's fine if you would rather leave it as a cute one-shot though.
6/30/2015 c1 Tatopatato
I almost forgot about that moment in the story. It was so forgettable. Now it's a milestone in flaming arrow fans (of which i'm not right now, but we'll see when it'll be brought up in the comic). I compliment myself with you not only for the moment you chose, but for the way you wrote the thing. That was a short but good read, thank you.
6/27/2015 c1 Guest
This is extremely well written! It would be awesome if you considered writing a second part.

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