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9/1 c91 Penguin Lord0029
Damm that one hell of new sets the ball rolling once again.
6/1 c90 Synari
Two updates in as many days. Has Christmas come early? I did not see the whole Possessed Zatanna/Conner on ice thing coming but you did a great job arranging things so it all seems logical! I love how you mentioned Gratia Arts, too! The whole Gratia Arts thing just makes me so happy. I'm excited for Ollie/Amara interactions. Ollie cracks me up sometimes. You've continued to balance all you various subplots gracefully, which is very impressive. Thank you for the update!
6/1 c90 1Boomer1125
if you ever have raven and damian in your story, you should pair them together.
6/1 c90 Guest
My heart hurts for poor Amy! And Conner, geez man! This chapter pulled my heart every which way!
5/30 c89 Divine Protector of Skyrim
Poor Amy. Is things ever going to be alright for her? It’s just a lot of one thing after another.
5/30 c89 Synari
Yay! That was certainly a roller coaster. Making Zatanna an antagonist was a great idea. It just makes sense that after the whole incident with her dad that she'd be a bit unstable. And, once again, Amy was beautifully characterized. She's the bomb. I'm on the edge of my seat and can't wait to find out what happens next. Thanks for updating!
5/30 c89 Guest
Great job as always! Can't wait for the next one!
4/25 c1 Synari
Tempest rocks. I just finished what you posted. I’m the guest who just commented on it. ( I made an account so I can follow it!)
4/25 c88 Guest
Ahhhhh! What? I absolutely love Tempest! I started it two nights ago...and can’t put it down. I keep forgetting that some of the events did not actually happen (in the actual YJ) because all the new characters and events have been incorporated so seamlessly. Amara is so smart and delightfully quirky. All the characters have been developed so well. The plot is intriguing, and I can’t guess what is going to happen next, which is SO nice. It’s amazing! I can’t wait for the next update!
4/3 c1 2V01dSw0rd
Batman DEFINITELY knows who her mother is, just from the last name...

Come up with at 5, or just subconsciously remembered?

Artemis has one thing over Amarashe knew both her parents had criminal pasts, and Amara was adopted by Flashnot raised AND TRAINED by an active criminal...
4/3 c88 Penguin Lord0029
Yep Damm shit is really going to hit the fan next chapter really can’t wait till next time then as well
4/2 c88 NinaMinou
Leí este fanfic en Ao3
Y me alegra encontrarlo aquí uwu lo amo demasiado enserio, es uno de los mejores, y definitiva el más completo aparte que la trama que se separa un poco del canon la hace tan interesante
Amo demasiado las subtramas y el desarrollo de personajes que logras equilibrar bastante uwu
Gracias por actualizar
3/13 c87 Penguin Lord0029
Damm that was such a fun Chapter and Thanks for the Bonus update again. Also Zantanna you really need stop listening the voice as helping things with Amy at all really.
3/4 c86 Penguin Lord0029
Damm that such a good chapter so thanks for the bonus update. it and love the how Wally and Amy are at times, such a fun dynamic with them.
3/3 c85 Guest
I will FIGHT Hawkwoman
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