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1/13 c12 RealClever
AOD: over the last three years, I’ve become more open minded, culturally aware and way less uptight

I love the story so far and would love to read more!
12/28/2020 c12 Yonais1
Hi, it’s been awhile. So glad you’re back. I loved this chapter. I can’t believe you think you’re writing is awful, you’re an amazing writer. Please keep updating, I love all your akatsuki no yona fanfics, they’re the best.
12/27/2016 c11 Guest
I'm really glad you updated both stories. I love the story line for both. I'm a little worried that they still might be abandoned so I'm crossing my fingers that you decide to stay with it.
12/22/2016 c11 1shoujochan
Su won's role in this story is interesting. I hope to see more updates again and awesome story again as always
12/17/2016 c11 1DiscriminateTheOlea
Omg, your Akayona FF is so much better than mine! I'm on chapter two and already have writers block... -_-
I wish there were more Yona FF plz continue!
I'm very interested with what you are doing with Su-Won, too.
I love it!
11/8/2016 c10 marianmerza
ooooh how exciting... i wonder how that will pan out...
8/23/2016 c10 SilverMist-Yukino
Your story sounds pretty good so far. Update soon please! I have this feeling like the good stuff is about to happen. :)

My Answer: Currently reading-Vampire Sphere, Yona of the Dawn ;), World Trigger (really good manga & anime), Lan Chi (this manga is incredibly done).
Currently Watching- World Trigger, Magi (in love with this anime!), and rewatching older animes like Inuyasha, Bleach, Naruto and Fairy Tail. :)
8/23/2016 c10 Cherry379
Thanks for the chapter! (though I was late with realizing the story is updated...)
Update whenever you feel like it, I know how hard school can be ...

Recently I've been watching 3 different anime:
Orange (ongoing) - a school life shoujo-type with a supernatural aspect. So far it's great, likable characters and interesting plot.
Sousei no Onmyouji (ongoing) - a nice shounen action. Though it has those typical shounen power-ups quite often, it has nice animation, action scenes, comedy and kind of romantic moments too. Like it a lot! People have been saying it'll get 50 episodes in total!
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R1, R2 (finished) - a classic I should have watched a long time ago. So freaking great! Even though the anime is 10 years old, it outshines most of the new ones both in plot and, yes, the animation. War, school and supernatural themed at the same time, has lots of cool mecha action and the main character's mastermind surprises keeps you hyped all the way! My utmost favourite!
8/10/2016 c10 1Maeoki
Can't wait till the next chap!
8/3/2016 c10 godess bubbles
ohh Update soon!What doesn't Yona remember them?
8/1/2016 c10 Lynxkitten
I'm watching Ange Vierge, Days, and Kaleid Linear Illya? Something like that as for mangas, I'm reading Yona, Saki, Shinohayu Dawn of Age(?) A Saki Side-Story, as well as many other webcomics and fan fiction :3
I personally they're all beautiful in a unique and desperate way even if some of them have rather large flaws :D
8/1/2016 c10 pancakesareabsoluetlydelicious
AAAAAAAHHHHH THIS IS SO INTERESTING! WHY ARE YOUR FANFICS JUST SO AMAZING? Anyway thanks for writing I cannot wait to read more and I'm probably going to go read all of your fanfics now...
Oh and I just finished reading Orange and it was just so beautiful
8/1/2016 c10 7NekoRyuuKo
QOD answer: I'm watching Servamp at the moment and loving every second! Great chapter!
7/21/2016 c9 godess bubbles
I'm really curious as to how this is going to go. Why doesn't the Princess remember them? And will Hak and Yona get together?And will she gain the power of the Dragons once more?Update soon!
7/9/2016 c5 caroline k
answer to the qod: childhood memories
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