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for Justice Era: Invasion

5/28 c6 1Owieeey
I really like reading this fic. The characters are great and Ben's character is almost spot on, you should watch Kuro the Artist on youtube to really know how powerful some aliens are and how smart Ben really is. The only two problems I have is that you're following to close to the show, I feel like you could've done some things differently. And the other thing is Ben letting himself be forced into telling about all his aliens. How can he be told that he cant be trusted if he doesnt tell how many aliens he has and what they can do, if Batman and Robin doesnt tell him they're secret identity. If they cant trust the team with their identity why cant Ben do the same? Its hypocritical. A
3/19 c4 John
You made Ben too weak. I know you wanted to let all the team shine but you shouldn't have reduced Ben to the rest of the team. He is massively stronger than his teammates but you can display that better imo.
3/14 c4 Bruno Souza
Por que diabos todos que escrevem sobre Ben 10 na dc faz ele ser narrado quando lutas contra uns cara fraco n entendo o cara tem a porra dos aliens mais fortes do que quase toda a liga e perde pra uns vilão idiota
2/26 c41 Guest
Hi gogeta 9000, i love the Ben 10 and young justice fanfiction and i really want the season 3 honestly, hope you you get done soon.
2/9 c13 4halo4hire
T. O. Morrow, not Tio Morrow. His name is Thomas Oscar Morrow in the canon. Get your names right. What, next up is Brace Winge? Clurk Kant?
2/7 c5 Guest
please Gogetta make more chapters there's young justice seaon 3 now
1/28 c42 Sabastian Burlis
That's a shame! Such an amazing story! Love the Marvel reference at the end. Wish you would continue into season 3. Maybe when season 4 is introduced you might reconsider. You might not. Thank you for this amazing story. Keep up the good work!
1/27 c42 SebaVR123
esta historia me mantuvo al pendiente 3 dias seguidos, en los que estuve leyendo sin parar
la amé
1/24 c6 1mataeae123
thanks for the Chapter. there is something that is bothering me. he had 2 aliens that could have defeated the amazon. the upgrade: for obvious reasons, intelligence amazon artificial is basic with a focus on combat and it would be easy for the upgrade to beat it. and the juirragg: he used this one to dismantle robots before and he could see the amazon’s weak points to dismantle what makes you very uncomfortable is the lack of imagination Ben is vulnerable in human form, but he could create an armor of power
1/22 c4 Otizurc
I feel like Ben would win majority of the fights versus superboy maybe a close one to win this one all he had to do was out smart him and the watch messing up randomly is infuriating since azmuth fixed that problem and the fact that during most of the time he's there he's either quipping or being dumb and not doing what he set out a year ago to do as in being a better hero all he's doing is being like his kid self again not thinking when going into a battle and making mistakes, honestly good book but I can't read it personally.
1/13 c42 devo342
Find it amusing you “canceled” the story come season twos ending
1/9 c42 HuntersPower
I’m sad the story has ended but this is being taken from your own time so I get but I’m just really glad that you actual announced it was ending instead of just dropping it. Thanks for the story
1/9 c42 2Amit Barabi
I am glad you don't want to continue it, and even more glad you announced it instead of letting people assume the story just died.
As I said over a year ago, if you ever want to make a remastered version then you can talk to me. I am willing to help you as a beta reader.
If you do do a remastered version then don't make Ben useless, especially if you are going to make him potentially so powerful.
And more importantly, don't just give him lines and roles of other characters.
That was the thing that made me stop reading your story after the simulation disaster.
1/9 c16 Guest
1/9 c15 Guest
Still one of my favs to this day
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