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for Apollo Justice - Turnabout Connections

8/14 c1 1GuestFFN
john phoenix terrible
7/24 c6 Raraiki
I am sure Gamma lie reaction is behind his mask
7/20 c1 38Azu Dazu
Good thing that you have rewritten your story.
7/1 c7 Guest
This is so good! Please update if you have time!
5/10 c7 1Pea Brain Writer
To tell the truth, I've read the old one when it just came out; I recognized the name 'Gamma' instantly. I recalled it having a bad writing so I dropped it quickly.

This one, though, is good. The mystery and the pace is just right, the OCs are pleasantly memorable, and the humor is pretty faithful to the games, something I believe is very important. I'm glad this is being continued.
5/10 c7 10OnYourRight
Wow the suspense is killing me! Good work!
2/4/2019 c6 Guest
I found this story from the tvtropes fic recommendation. Man, I'm glad I did! This is really good! I'm usually not too keen on ocs, but I am Definitely liking and intrigued with Gamma! Pleaaaase continue!
8/18/2015 c5 2ShayCandyBar714
I love this story so far! It really feels like a case from the series, and the characterization is spot-on. I'm really interested to find out what's up with Gamma, and Darke is a pretty cool character- the bell is a nice touch. Does he have any relation to Joe Darke, I wonder?
Keep up the awesome work- you've got me hooked!
8/8/2015 c5 bungiejumper117
You do a great job of capturing the style and tonal quality of the Ace Attorney series. Some parts feel slightly rushed, but I think it is better to err on the side of less description in this case, otherwise it will lose its great pacing.

I'm never a big fan of OCs, but I'm warming to Gamma and Darke as characters. I hope to see them fleshed out a little in future chapters!

Definitely following/favouriting this one, I can't wait to see where it goes!
7/18/2015 c4 Guest
This is amazing! Plz update! This should definably be in Apollo Justice Ace Attorney! It's just so good!
7/1/2015 c2 Guest
You write interesting. Just keep the case moving and it'll be a success. And if gamma is Godot, I'd say he's a tad OOC. I can see why you don't want it to be obvious, but he'd be too proud a man to be that indecisive.

Nice work, stick at it
6/26/2015 c1 Guest
Okay this sounds really interesting! I think I might really enjoy this! Just please no shipping. There's WAY too much of it.

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