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11/14 c20 Helpful Old Man
This is immensely enjoyable to read, and also I feel like this is the only story that uses “ for thoughts and ‘ for speech… it was a touch distracting at times, but I got used to it… no harm no foul
11/11 c20 Dk676
Please continue
10/19 c11 1Nevarus
the whole balanced bit seems... odd at best.
10/19 c9 Nevarus
I thought ichigo and orihime's son had the most broken ability from what I saw of the ending
6/29 c2 TheBroble
"This is not power one can learn from a Jedi"
6/29 c1 TheBroble
Your use of 'blah blah blah' for speech and "blah blah blah" for thoughts is confusing the hell outta me ngl. It's like playing with a controller on inverted after playing standard for so long.
6/22 c14 demissedwaifu
Oh boy, you surely know hoe to write a good tale
6/22 c5 demissedwaifu
She's just coming back like nothing?, Damn
6/2 c1 jbadillodavila
Buena historia
6/2 c20 M1stymix
please switch the " to talking and ' to thinking
5/29 c9 Bountyhunter1977
If both spirits wanted Ichigo to revert to lesser blade then they should have taken him back down to completely sealed blade and work for a release phrase. The control is tight will make it look a regular sword and not a oversized monstrosity.
5/28 c20 4Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
Great work. And man. There are times where I like Byakuya and times he tests my patience. This arc is one of those times unfortunately…
5/28 c20 Spazzman29
I'm glad to see this story still going.
5/28 c20 4Blackstriker94
This is getting better each time I enjoy Zangetsu's interaction with the other spirits but still can't understand Haineko's reason at all at least the others have frustrations that allow them to be controlled, in a way always thought that Muramasa used those dissatisfaction as a chick in the armor so to speak to control them. Looking forward to how this progresses both in regard to pairings and plot cause if Zangetsu fights seriously pretty sure he could kick zanpakuto ass. Could probably take on all of the girls at once with pure overwhelming power. Would love to see him put a few of the arrogant one's in there place like the whole 'if you are so strong, why do you kneel before me?' kinda deal. Really looking forward to how the Valley of Screams storyline will play out.
5/28 c20 Jared51
Nice chapter
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