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10/3 c2 Guest
The chapter, by itself, is fine. Thank you for writing it. By the way, using single quotation marks for dialogue is pretty old-school. Perfectly legitimate, but different enough that I still need to acclimate to it.

Your A/N, however, confuses me and (in some cases) causes me to question what I'm reading. Please note, I'm not asking you to rewrite anything. This is meant to point things out for the future.

Stylistic choices are yours to make. However, the logic used behind changing from soul reaper to shinigami falls apart with the provided justification here in chapter 2 once combined with the note in the next chapter about 'zanpakuto' vs 'zanpakutou'.

You seem to want Japanese terms, even if the English term is more accurate ('shinigami' translates to 'god of death' but they really just reap souls and can't truly control death the way a god would). But still, changing from English terms to misspelled romanji is... well, I get it. Special characters are annoying. So, instead of complaining, let me offer you a tip:

To make special characters easy, I created a new dictionary called "Japanese Names" in my word processor. (I use Libre Office, for reference; MS Word should have better functionality and Open Office is just a different version of the Libre Office source.) Then I copy/paste the official romanji from the wiki into the word document. Then I 'add to dictionary' and specify adding it to Japanese Names whenever I come across new romanji. That way, when I type something like 'zanpakuto', it's two clicks from becoming 'zanpakutō' (with automatic spell correction it's... automatic).

"Then of course, the alternative exists; I could give her a Zanpakutou like Orihime, ..."

Hold up, are you giving Orihime a zanpakutō? Because her powers are definitely NOT those of a soul reaper.

"... but, well, I don't want to bring in a lot of original content, material wise, as, speaking as someone who is following over a thousand stories, it can be a pain to remember all of the extra stuff writers add in."

Says the person who wants to maybe give Orihime a zanpakutō, have Kon also hear Zangetsu just because he's in Ichigo's body, and have Ichigo's asauchi transform into Zangetsu without calling his name the first time? I don't mean to be harsh, but giving Tatsuki a zanpakutō is far easier to remember/track than these other things this chapter has already done that indicate subtle changes to how the world works.

"So, if you can, let me know what you think about Tatsuki as well, both for the pairing and if she should gain powers."

This is a good opportunity to share some fun trivia. I don't expect you to make changes to your story based on this if you're already committed to another thing: Tite Kubo did draw a full page cover of Tatsuki in soul reaper garb with a fox-themed shikai that's similar in form to Renji's true bankai. This was early on, before Ichigo first left for Soul Society, if I recall correctly.

As for why that never became canon, I suspect this: Tite Kubo realized Tatsuki would naturally become Ichigo's love interest if he didn't shelf her. He wanted Orihime to get that role no matter what, even if he never showed Ichigo reciprocating her feelings.

There was also a sweet short that showed Tatsuki did, at one point, have deeper feelings for Ichigo... and she certainly showed more concern for Ichigo's emotional wellbeing than just about any other character.

Tatsuki is literally the only side character to get a full page spread and not have powers featured in a proper fight in the manga, and that certainly, to me, indicates Tatsuki was supposed to be a main supporting character. But my tin foil hat is on, so I'll stop here.

Anyway, as I said, that's just trivia. I don't want you to rewrite stuff you've already decided on. Thanks again for the chapter and the story. And have a fantastic day.
10/1 c1 Guest
I can see you're trying to strike a balance between avoiding plagiarism and keeping canon stuff the same when you want it. It's an admirable attempt, though leading into the parts that start just as canon content was skipped could be improved.

If you haven't already made the change to Ichigo's powers, like you said in your A/N, I am absolutely confused as to why Ichigo didn't have time to be stabbed as in canon, yet had time to speak a full sentence.

Well, you've already written 18 chapters, so ignore this next part as you've probably already made these decisions; this is just to have my opinion seen, nothing more.

I'd rather not see Orihime in the harem. Tatsuki would be my choice of rare pairing over Rangiku. If both Rangiku and Orihime are in it... well, let's just say I consider those two the least compatible, as far as personalities go, for any lasting relationship. Only one story has convinced me Ichigo would have long lasting feelings for Orihime, and it was a fanfic with Tatsuki in it, acting as a catalyst for it. Not even canon convinced me. (I was, however, perfectly fine with Rukia/Renji.)
9/30 c18 Guest
This story is so much fun and recently updated too!
9/19 c18 Tilty.bbb
This was a fantastic read well done
9/14 c18 LECHU22
I love this fic
not many use masaki as a character and I find it very interesting.
I'm also looking forward to seeing ichigo learn to use all of his powers. Qy, Sh and Hw
9/10 c9 bubbattmax
wait I thought Soi Fon could track people that held the mark of her Shikai?
9/8 c18 matthouston
this is a very nice and unique story i am excited to read more cant wait for the update
9/4 c8 NaaMaloom
Why is Maskai even here? Ichigo got closure. Purify and send the bitch to hell .
9/1 c18 keyblade master cole
I love how you have senna involved hope you help her.
8/30 c5 I'mAAnimeMaster
I love Zangetsu’s personality here, it fits perfectly and I like how you are allowing for a bit more of a philosophical debate to be had on some of the matters, it’s interesting to read.
8/29 c18 Great Dark Knight
Damn I found a good harem Ichigo fanfict which is very rare right now.
8/28 c15 thunderofdeath97
well there goes my secret hope of ichigo x teenager masaki, lol
8/28 c13 14thunderofdeath97
you know no offense, but orihime being in the harem, doesn't make sense, just because it's cannon, and their kid is ridiculously OP, plus, by your own logic, she is arguably one of, if not the most, overused ichigo pairings.

now not trying to flame, just kind of the way i see it all, i guess

ichigo isn't wrong, kisuke and sosuke (aizen) are very similar, tbh

not really sure what yamamoto has in common with the two of them, truth be told
8/28 c12 thunderofdeath97
masaki is kind of annoying right now, she is really in his head, just for teasing him and essentially cock blocking him?

yea i guess she could teach him about his quincy abilites, but she seems more willing to cock block him

she won't be having sex with him, so i guess the only valid reason for her to be there is to train him, but i find her to be very annoying right now, tbh
8/28 c11 thunderofdeath97
honestly speaking, this ichigo seems weaker than his cannon counterpart at this point
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