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2/14 c1 Geurtg
Buena historia
1/23 c1 ItzJoe
dude please stop using (') as speech marks, (") are speech marks, whenever a character in story speaks it is with ("), when they are internally monologuing they use(') its so incredibly annoying and jarring to see and read, especially when you use actual speech marks for his internal spirit
1/19 c22 Kouteikuro
Why do I feel like Muramasa will become Ulquiorra's faction?
12/22/2023 c15 XXX777
You really are mashing a bunch of different plots together.
12/20/2023 c22 Robotdocter
i love this story a lot, even if the mashup of arcs is getting kinda too much for me to follow.
i understand they all happen at around the same time but them happening all at once is kinda confusing.
lookin forward to more either way :D
12/13/2023 c22 Larro44-LL
Lmao a battle Royale! Right up Zaraki’s alley lmaoo
11/27/2023 c4 Binge Reader
What a shit take. Well, the execution is shit. The take is quite mainstream, tbh.
11/27/2023 c2 Binge Reader
Two chapters in and everything still feels awkward. Kinda sad that this sits at the top 20 favourite stories on this site.
11/24/2023 c1 Caesar Shepherd
I’m sorry to say this, but do you think you’re not as passionate about the things you’re writing about as you used to be?

If not, then maybe it’s time you take a permanent break.
10/31/2023 c2 2BrotherBook
Kon hearing Whites voice shouldn’t really be a thing since the zanpakto spirit should be within either Ichigo’s soul or sword, not the body Kon is inhabiting. Apart from that, looking forward to seeing where this is going
10/29/2023 c22 Roger That Silently
Amazing chapter! Grimmjow joining last minute, Kenpachi fighting Ashido! loved it.
10/29/2023 c22 27InsaneMakaioshin
1. Wouldn't a philosophy book work better for him?
2. It was openly stated that the Sokyoku was only used on Captains.
3. Doesn't Zaraki know he's the 11th?
4. Kyouraku has only been captain for 200 years. Unless the ninth captain tenure was very short, he shouldn't have known he was a captain. The 10th was appointed shortly before Urahara, 110 years ago, & was killed a few years before the story began. The 8th was appointed & then arrested shortly after he left.
10/29/2023 c22 4Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
Awesome work! Enjoyed this! Seems like things are really getting heated! Kenpachi is going to milk this for all it’s worth no doubt!
10/29/2023 c22 codywhite162
Really love this story and chapter. Looking forward to reading more :)
10/29/2023 c1 Forest1395101
Why did ichigo get powers from rukia? All she did was stab through him.
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