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for Comfortably Numb

3/31/2020 c18 RitzyKitsune
This chapter with the music playing in the back was intense as hell, I actually cried in this one.
2/8/2018 c4 6LordWilliam-52.N.L.A
I can't get over how terrible the spelling is in these chapters. Plus the run on sentences and lack of punctuation. It's better to use a word doc with spell check before adding it to fanfiction it would save you and your readers a lot of time and trouble.
5/8/2017 c19 Guest
When i initially read the intro i was hesitant to read it. But i was glad i did. It was a bit dark than i usually read but it was worth the initial angst.. This story has its own spice which is decidedly refreshing... Hope you make more out of the box story... I trully hope this is the ending tw have chosen because this is one of the best...
11/28/2015 c19 34Iicyb1tchiI
I loved this story the only thing I must say is you spelt guilt as quilt :) every time I read it I almost thought of a little blanket
10/27/2015 c18 Guest
God this story is painful. It made me cry, several time. Which, admittedly I am kinda mad about, but great story.
10/25/2015 c18 7lizzysakura21
omg this made me cry in every chapter, oh god. this is by far one of the best fanfics i read
8/4/2015 c8 laughing jill
hey, um. just enjoying this sad tragedy, buuuut...this song is by Depeche Mode. 90's band. I grew up listening to them and this is one of my faves, but yeah. before I even read this chappie I gotta say this. Depeche Mode.
7/1/2015 c18 GoddessDana
Great story!
6/27/2015 c18 1lord kiras hand
I'm in my room right now trying not to cry my eyes out. Try imagining a a 5"10 guy with a football players build crying. Lol.

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