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for To Tempt Fate

7/15/2019 c1 16ZoeyCares
So you go back to the past and your first thoughts are to Kill Toshio and Sunako... Wow...
12/30/2018 c25 Guest
Please continue with this story it sound like sora might actually save the village and helping nao, megumi, and Tooru they can become Jinrou and the scene of nao you gave her hope
11/6/2018 c26 Guest
Continua esta versiĆ³n esta muy buena puedes continuarla convirtiendo a megumi en un jirou
4/3/2018 c26 Marc Demon
Me parese mejor esta historia que la otra esta es mas interesante que la otra
4/3/2018 c26 Guest
Sin ofender pero me gusta mas esta historia que la otra la otra paresia giar a un final muy bueno y casi sin muerte y en la otra no lo parese
4/9/2017 c10 Kaname Gal
Dammit! She was so close to being saved!
4/22/2016 c24 Guest
y u no update?!
4/5/2016 c23 7Darth Deceptius
Nice chapter. I wonder what will happen with Natsuno, truth to be told, I never liked the bastard. Did Sora lose the control on the Doc, since he tried to hypnotize Natsuno?
3/24/2016 c23 27Shadowflame013
Looks like he's falling deeper. Speaking of Megumi, wasn't she becoming a jinrou?
2/28/2016 c22 abcde
Please update! I really can't waiting for next chapter.
2/25/2016 c1 5omniXenderman
oh, i forgot to cedit talisman garuda in teh chapter description iwth the idea for a blood drive, so, im going to do it here. thanks for the reaasurance buddy
2/17/2016 c21 1grandcell2
I think Sora sounds like Leraldo Anzaldua, the voice actor for Takashi from High School of the Dead.
2/17/2016 c21 Hana
I imagine Sora's voice as Vic Mignogna
2/17/2016 c21 Haru
2/16/2016 c21 7Darth Deceptius
The guest was actually me, didn't noticed I was logged out,sorry.
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