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12/27/2015 c18 NecrorexSparda Juubi-No-Kishin
Sadistic pleasure in fighting is spine tingling awsome! If you get the chance read (crap forgot the name) its an Evangelion fanfiction where shinji and his mom trade places.
12/20/2015 c17 19Cat McHall
Ah, so he became a Jinrou...and then bit Kaori. Well, a shame Kaori is a dead woman now.

But now as a Jinrou, he can protect Megumi from people trying to throw her in the sunlight. Hopefully he can intercept Tatsumi.
12/17/2015 c17 6Twitchel
it's getting interesting and still good.
12/13/2015 c17 Neithazu
whuuuut! he's drowned to his own lust xo doesn't he realized that he just feed on her x0
12/12/2015 c16 Neithazu
wow, i hope sora became a werewolf, so he can protect megumi
11/28/2015 c16 NecrorexSparda Juubi-No-Kishin
Cant wait for what happens next. Question what would he turn out to be? Oh oh how about a weker version of alucard
11/10/2015 c14 1JohnGuimel
Very good, keep it up!
11/1/2015 c13 ELOSHAZZY
Great chapter can't wait for next one :)
11/1/2015 c13 JohnGuimel
* Goes to mailbox*
* Sees there's a new 'To Tempt Fate' chapter*

10/26/2015 c12 JohnGuimel
It just gets better and better.

Anyway, stuff is starting to get more dangerous, and, as you may know, i hope there won't be a shiki hunt (or at least one not as bloody) , although some of them kinda deserve (Sunako) it i think that's not the best way to teach them a lesson.
10/25/2015 c12 ELOSHAZZY
I love this story so far hope you date soon :)
10/25/2015 c12 7Darth Deceptius
Nice! I always like to see the little undead loli cower in fear! I'd like to introduce her neck to my carbon steel friend :) the scene with Seishin learning thetruth was good, he accepted it rather well.
Megumi-chan :(

Very good written, enjoyed the chapter, the story unravels...
10/21/2015 c11 NecrorexSparda Juubi-No-Kishin
More would you kindly
10/4/2015 c11 43Salt-the-Catgirl
Sora gets to see the REAL Natsuno now, maybe he'll understand why Tohru puts up with him... Still, damned shame the lovable blond is so unaware of how Natsuno really feels.

Poor Sora, getting hit with the realization that he's the cause of all this, I think I would have had the same reaction!

At least this time he managed to prove his point with Sei. I can't wait for the look on Sei's face for what's coming next! _

Great chapter, Omni! Keep up the good work.
10/4/2015 c11 1JohnGuimel
So, it has begun.

Hoppefully there won't be as much bloodshed, i really don't think either side deserves death, not even Sunako, even if she's the reason of this disaster i can't help but think not even she deserves to be staked ( But you can punish her all you want just don't kill ).
Besides Sunako, there are a lot of shiki that deserve to live as well as humans that will have their lives ruined if this keeps going, so, the only ''happy'' conclusion would be scarring the shiki away from Sotoba.

Also dc657. /img/BL_kYtsg/s7/13eee4459e8/Dis_gon_b_
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