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9/6 c11 Pop
So Rick’s a pedo? I mean he married someone 60 yrs younger than him. Also wizards are morons, the fact that they’re super gullible such as with Sirius not getting a trial and believing Skeeter’s articles.
9/5 c10 Matt
It’s nice, even with some stupid things such as Harry only calling Agatha Aunt, words either being missing or misspelled, and you not taking down the a.n that you call chapter 6.
8/31 c20 4Lavinia Katt
Tears! I need more!
8/14 c20 12Quiet Ryter
Thank you and I hope things go well for you.:)
8/12 c19 ShadowCub
Hoping they find out Bella didn't off Sirius or that asshat Remus, lol.
Love the writing style.
8/12 c16 ShadowCub
Watch out Harry.
3/8 c19 lita162020
update soon it's getting good
7/5/2020 c8 rebaine mira
whaaaaaaaaat Snape consort of Slytherin the dark lord? tf?
5/21/2020 c19 4Lavinia Katt
Well this certainly is...different. I love the story line though.
3/25/2020 c7 N. A. Wennerholm
Anyway Remembering everything I have read and I am re-reading the entire Wizarding world needs to be punished and harshly at that. Their morals and ethics are so damned screwed up it 8snt funny. With every screw up they prove more and more to me they are not capable of ruling themselves. in fact they are proving that most of them don't even deserve their magic. I don't really care about cultural differences wrong is wrong plain and simple just as when it come to many of the World's Mundane World governments also prove incable of of a proper moral and Ethical Government. To put things in simple terms are incable of ruling themselves without proper oversite and guidance from our Heavenly Father/Parent.
3/25/2020 c4 N. A. Wennerholm
Trials held in Secret by any government is illegal and has been for centuries And all those who conducted such travesties that result in Innocents being sent to prison should lose their freedom and be sent to prison themselves. All trials must be held in public. No exceptions! Thus with what I am reading as Into back and read many of the chapters just proves to me that the Wizarding World is not capable of ruling itself they are just to damned corrupt and because of their Powers they are just to arrogent. And Hermione has become corrupted by her association with the wrong kind of individuals. Which reminds me of a saying that states "Bad association spoils useful Habits." So in this case it goes for Magicals too not just mundanes.
3/25/2020 c19 N. A. Wennerholm
Based on everything I have read most of the Wizarding is to damned corrupt and Have shown that they need to be stripped of their Magic And their separation and independence needs to be revoked. No exceptions. and as said in previous comments to this adopted version and the Original I would have Harry Call upon Mother Lady Magic Hecate along with The Heavenly Father and Creator YHWH. And when commenting on The magical community when it comes to the views of what is known as Muggleborns the Magicals need to take into account how they where raised and that in many views come from The Holy Scriptures of The Judeo Christian Faith and what many don't know or realize when looking at the scriptures in the original Languages their is a hidden code within that confirm it's authintisity It was discovered by Jewish Scholars and rabbis they would look it up manually them with the Invention of Computers more and more are discovered. And some of 5hose hidden code messages are quite chilling. When comparing them to historical and current events.

So when it comes to those mundane born who are raised in the church and who can be quite aware of what is going to happen which will also affect the magical communities along with the mundane they are in big trouble. Plus many of the Mundane World Leaders will not but up with or Tolerate The Magicals for very long when you take into account what The Death Eaters and others have done to that of the mundane population. And with modern weapons the Magicals can easily be wiped out.
3/25/2020 c19 N. A. Wennerholm
It looks like the entire Dumbledore Family along with everyone allied with them need to be taken out plus The Umbridge Family and their Off shoot branch families Plus Then their are members of Lily's biological family need to be taken out.
3/25/2020 c16 N. A. Wennerholm
The song in this chapter is disgusting. And to many of the families in this is disgusting Such people should never have such Titles and lands and money they should be stripped plus The Her's Contracts should be illegal plain and simple. Thus Harry's voided plain and simple.
6/23/2019 c19 1inuyasha16451
OMG. Please please come back and update this amazing story soon
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