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3/26/2018 c1 2EnderSorceress
I'm internally screaming (internally, because I'm in class) because this is too adorable. It's not even like, fluffy kisses and cuddles, but god, it's adorable.
2/15/2017 c1 4TheSilentFury
Go love. I love these. I was told same sex was wrong. Now look at me. Im dieing to kiss someone the same gender as myself.
7/11/2016 c1 2Turtles18
This is a cute story and BTW is the ending words sounds familiar
7/3/2015 c1 5ddogirl
embrace the fucking rainbow!I hate that person who reviewed your story and said the law is bad. it's a great thing! it's freedom bitches
6/29/2015 c1 Guest
Same sex marriage is the worst law in the world
6/27/2015 c1 L16
Aaawwwww...I love it and so sweet! ;)
6/27/2015 c1 graysonsrichie
Embrace the rainbow reminds me of skittles...I just ruined the moment lol

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