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for Pro-bending comp

8/10/2015 c3 Guest
Don't sell yourself low, i've enjoyed it without effort :)
Burst out laughing when - ''but i am full of negativity'' - that's so Lin, you always made such worthwhile, fitting, enjoyable dialogues, keep up great work, can't get enough of your Kyalin stories
7/18/2015 c2 Guest
Nice read.
6/30/2015 c1 Guest
Can't believe you did such great story from the prompts above. I can totally see Lin being clueless and desperate enough to ask Jinora for help - she'd do everything, just to make things right with Kya.
Jinora as Kya's confident - perfect. And the ending when Kya's like - well if i think about it, you did nothing wrong, yep making up is a best part of argument.
Looking forward another round - it will be kyalin, right ? - please, please
6/28/2015 c1 2UnicornSky 31186
Can't wait for the next chapter! Hopefully two weeks will go by in no time!
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