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for A Grimm Huntsman

17h c1 E.P. Apparate Home
Harry, or, well at least your version of him, has been written terribly. From what you’ve written about his background; he’s lost everything, including his soul, seemingly acts as if he’s mature, yet has continuously
6/7 c9 17Josh Spicer
Yeah no totally not bashing or anything.
6/4 c8 Josh Spicer
I know it's not with the intention of bashing but it seems way out of place to have literally everything else from canon stay the same in terms of plot progression EXCEPT for Pyrrha's reaction.
4/9 c13 RegaliaOfRock
The beginning was amusing at how you tried to handwave the craziness but now you have given up on even that too lol .
2/14 c30 8Onishin Tsukitenshi
I'm calling it. Blake's going to take advantage of the mission to try to take off the monitor and run away when nobody's looking so she doesn't have to be locked up like an animal in a cage, as per her own words. I mean, in canon Blake legitimately believed that running away was the answer, until she and her family nearly got killed by the very organization she kept defending. Of course, I see that escape plan failing.
2/11 c30 pinkdog16
hazel and neo?... I ship it.
2/9 c30 3Reishin Amara
Absolutely loving wait to read more.
2/9 c30 3The Prime Cronos
I know it's very late in the Story, but one Thing I have Always missed is a backstory to Cinder. She was very successful in the beginning, but I would add For example that her Grimm Appendix has a deteriorating effect in her health.
My biggest Problem with her character is simply she having No intrinsic Motivation. Even in the real series, Hazel's Charakter has more depth and Background than Cinder.
2/5 c30 silly.geek123
Huh.. Mayhaps this is the start of the Hazel Nut Ice Cream (Hazel x Neo) ship?
2/4 c30 starboy454
Excellent update
2/4 c30 6Creature of Grimm
2/4 c30 Wishfull-star
Lol that was awesome I loved the chapter and I can't wait for whatever happens next stay safe:)
2/4 c30 CrimsonSylvan
So...should we expect to see Cardin pretty much ripped apart sometime soon or looking like something out of a ritualistic sacrifice? On another note I'm fairly certain the mad house that Hazel is currently in is a lot more tolerable than the mad house that has Tyrian in it.
2/4 c30 211SaurusRock625
Poor Hazel.
2/4 c30 3WhiteElfElder
I think once Hazel learns more about Neo he will learn to enjoy the levity.
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