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for The Beginning of the END

4/27 c9 1Blaze012456
Interesting story friend, KEEP it up
6/29/2023 c1 Guest

You made Natsu talk like an middle aged adult

I don’t like that

It’s like if Luffy suddenly did a lecture on proper table manners

Hope he reverts back

I can forgive him being all straight laced on his first kill and a bit after but not all the dang time
3/28/2023 c3 BoredAsUsual34
happy aka best wing man/ wing cat to exist and tbh i gotta agree with ya on the natsu x erza ship it did make sense lucy not so much... and tbh natsu in cannon should have been smarter in some senses. plus the whole thing with dragonification being stopped because of what their adoptive parents did it makes some sense yes but it is the same as having zero faith in ones child to not fall into madness and just become a mindeless dragon driven by instinct and not like achnoglia but still retraining their personalitiy traits it would be a huge power boost
3/18/2023 c8 dayandroz
Thanks for update. Hope you can update this fic in the near future.
2/13/2023 c8 erasenpai946
Ultear will still be in the harem, won't she?
2/11/2023 c2 Maou-Yuusha
Please add Ultear!
2/10/2023 c8 4Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
Awesome work! Enjoyed this. It’s been awhile and I quite enjoyed all this insanity! Lol!
2/10/2023 c1 Geurtg
Buena historia
12/17/2022 c7 Guest
Why is it crazy/nonsense to see a flying boat? Blue Pegasus has one.
11/26/2022 c7 dayandroz
And the savior of war is from dark guild.
7/20/2021 c1 Ciel02DragneeL Sama
Enjoyed it
7/17/2021 c7 rimurusolos
2/14/2021 c7 Amargi'sNodachi
Well that escalated
2/4/2021 c7 3JemeryT
Amazing how you have so many different good END fics
1/11/2021 c7 10Thicc-Chungs
I'm surprised natsu hasnt joined fairy tail yet l, I loved the interaction between her and natsu and i see a relationship building up between them even if it isnt romantic.

Also fiore doesnt seem to know that they are at war only the dark guilds which I find funny I mean you a large group of soldiers from alvarez yet know one has informed the king or the council. I just nose natsu floating around just watching the dark images and ajeel fight
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