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for Prisoners

9/2/2018 c15 Guest
3/21/2016 c15 Guest
I really appreciate your writing in this story. You show the point of views of each character. I really wish there were more writers like you. To me it seems that people who play wow always try to defend there race but are hypocritical when it comes to there race's flaws. You are honest and I really hope you update this soon.
2/28/2016 c1 61Ihsan997
I'm starting with this story, since I believe it's done being edites whereas the other two are in the process (right?). From what I can tell, this is set during the Burning Crusade.

I don't particularly like this human and I don't think Ellie does, either. At least not yet. Maybe it's the stress of being trapped or simple lack of familiarity with other kinds of people but he's not very nice. Hoping that will change as they rely on each other more.

In terms of the writing, I noticed some mixing of verb tenses. When narrating a story, make sure to pick either present or past and stick with it. I'm sure you know that but a reminder helps all of us sometimes. Looking forward to reading more.
2/3/2016 c15 18Kyveli
Veru nice Kael, Maiev and Turande addition...please continue! XD
11/8/2015 c12 Reader
Great story so far, keep up the good work!
11/4/2015 c13 10MelanaAdara
very good. I never know what's going to happen next, you keep us guessing all the time. Can't wait for the next chapter.
11/3/2015 c13 18Kyveli
Very nice...but you could have made her fight the succubus a bit longer...shadow word pain, shadowfiend, penance and smites can do wonders against a demon, especially if you silence it. Or she could have switched to shadow form and melt the demon's scanky arse...lol..

Keep going...

10/24/2015 c12 Kyveli
Hm...I wonder who "HIM" is...XD
10/10/2015 c12 Epic mount
My dude awesome chapters keep it up
10/10/2015 c12 Chelsea
I get more and more excited! I get emails when you post! I love this story its one of my favorites!
10/10/2015 c12 Den of Meade
I really like the plot to your story, I find it very interesting and surprising. The only bad part is your dialogue, it always feels so stiff to me. I'm not sure how you can make it more natural, I'm not that great of a writer myself. If iahb
10/9/2015 c12 Jay
It was good i was waiting on a new chapter for awhile
9/19/2015 c11 Kyveli
YAY...another update!
9/13/2015 c11 The Gods Only Now
nice chapter, one thing though, that part with Ellia dream/flashback, im not sure if T is enough for that scene, its not worth going M for, but i would change it so it was more vague like "all she remembers of that day is humans grabbing her by the neck and tearing her clothes off..." you know, more subtle, your call though
9/13/2015 c11 Guest
Yes another update :)
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