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for Prisoners

9/11/2015 c10 Mcwack
Love it
9/10/2015 c10 18Kyveli
hm...wet dream...very nice! ;D
9/8/2015 c10 1bard1
Amazing job! I am following this and I can't wait to see a new chapter :D
9/4/2015 c10 The Gods Only Now
I was about to write some joke about how that escalated quickly but then it was a dream heheh, anyway nice chapter
9/3/2015 c10 wolfiey
Can't wait for the next one :)
8/22/2015 c9 18Kyveli
A very interesting update.

I liked the fight.

Please update more!

8/14/2015 c1 Guest
I like it, I can already tell that its going to be really good
8/9/2015 c8 The Gods Only Now
Good chapter, one advice though, when you are telling things like Celvic origin story, you could use italics, that way it feels more flashback-y
8/9/2015 c8 Kyveli
This story is becoming more and more interesting. I like it!

I have an objection though.

Elven society is very highly evolved. They had a very advanced civilization for tens of thousands of years, before humans climbed down from their trees. Therefore, there are much more technologically advanced, and masters of every form of science. So they know all about chemistry/alchemy and astronomy. And they would definetely know that their world was not the center of the universe.

Their ancestors and perhaps some of their elders were there for the Sundering, they know that the Demons came from another planet. They know that the Orcs came from a different planet, Draenor, via the dark portal, and are heroes are trapped in a fortress in Outland, the remnant of said planet. And if you notice High/Blood Elven architecture, you will see many observatories there, that means that they have been studying stars for millenia.

Anyhow, I really love your story, please keep it updated! XD
8/8/2015 c8 wolfiey
Thankyou for updating great chapter and was easy to read your writing is getting better :)
7/26/2015 c7 wolfiey
Your writing in this chapter was really nice and easy to read. I'm also loving the story.
7/23/2015 c6 The new guy
Hey I just finished reading your story, all the chpters, I must say it's amazing, much bettre than I would have ever thought heh. Keep doing the good job! :D
7/21/2015 c6 The Gods Only Now
My wow lore is rusty, wanted to know if Dragen the Orc Slayer is an OC? Nice chapter btw
7/21/2015 c6 alys10193
I am really enjoying this story. I am following it so I don't miss a thing!
7/20/2015 c5 Sloppy dubstep
I need more !
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