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for The Life of Adventure Has Its Price

7/22/2015 c4 15mouse8
Wonderful story! You wrote the action scene very well - which isn't easy to do since the Doctor doesn't really do violence. For the last time I have to say that you do characterization so well. You've captured the characters and their relationships. Great dialog too!
7/22/2015 c3 mouse8
Love the comment about Strax multipurposing the water! Hmm, here I was thinking how nicely you were exploring the aftermath of a terrifying adventure - something we don't see on the screen, and you know there have to be some nightmares in there - and you spring that on me at the end!
7/22/2015 c2 mouse8
I don't mean to sound like a broken record, but again excellent character writing. I could really here the individual voices of the Paternoster group!
7/12/2015 c4 14Wondo
The Leader was a fiend. Yes, Androgums are pretty intense!
Clara and the Doctor are delightfully heroic and protective of each other. I enjoy how you've described their relationship.
More please.
7/11/2015 c3 Wondo
Clara's fears were justified. Another great chapter.
7/4/2015 c2 Wondo
"Deliciously" detailed. Sorry, I couldn't resist.
Another exciting chapter. Poor Clara, immobilized by fear over the Doctor's fate.
7/4/2015 c1 15mouse8
Hey there! I have to confess to not being too keen on the 12 th doctor, but as usual your writing style drew me in. I certainly feel you've captured both of them!
7/2/2015 c1 14Wondo
"Adrogums live to eat ..." Ugg.
You left us here; you have no mercy.
6/30/2015 c1 Impossible-StarGirl
Oooh suspense! Lovely written, very interesting :) Good job

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