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12/21/2015 c13 Kairocksrainbow
I got a girl (If u are okay with that. :3) here she is!:
Name:June Summer Lake Vega
Love life:Taylor.(He loves her too. They're boyfriend and girlfriend. They never fight,zero disagreements,no arguements.)
Family:Doesn't have parents. She knows who the ninja,Bailey,Overlord,etc. are.
Appearance:very light brown hair tied into a Elsa braid,dark teal eyes,light tan skin,pale lips,on her wrist is a bracelet like Nya's but with a purple button.
Regular clothes(When not fightning):dark neon hoodie,gray short sleeved shirt underneath it,red jean shorts,purple converse with rainbow glitter shoelaces.
Personality:nice,kind,calm and collected,deep voice,sneaky and agile,never eats.
Element:Form(like Chamille but no relation.) And Wind.(Not related to Morro.)
Weapons:Cyan two twin katanas,two twin guns,her powers.
Ninja gi(When battling):Dark aqua ninja gi,her spinjitzu is sea blue,black leather gloves,dark aqua ninja hood,wears dark aqua jean shorts,black and yellow jordans with gi.
Likes:fightning,sleeping,jordans,shorts,the cold,star gazing,Taylor.
Dislikes:Any girly things,makeup,tights,leggings,training,getting up early,Bailey,pranks,jokes.
Phone type:A Samsung Galaxy S3 with a dark aqua phone cover,has aqua headphones to listen to music.
Pjs:a blue short sleeved shirt and purple pj shorts to bed. K. I'm out. See ya!
12/20/2015 c13 Kairocksrainbow
YAY!XDXDXD U used my U wrote him Actually better idea:Taylor hates Kai.(With a burning passion of his life.) Kai doesn't trust him. Not even one bit.(Everyone trusts him expect Kai. He uses his ember power for the good Yeah. Better ) Anyway,Outstanding Job. Have a chocolate chip marshmallow:(::) Welp,Can't wait for more! I'm out. See ya!
-KRR(#TeamKai) Kai:Thnx a lot!:3 #God'sLife!
12/7/2015 c13 Princess BunnyI
12/6/2015 c13 Guffeywrites
She should be Cole's sister!XD
9/7/2015 c5 Guest
9/6/2015 c11 Kairocksrainbow
U will!?XD YAY!XD You can put Tylar as his name cause it's easier. He is keeping his amber power a secert until... Whenever you think the time is right. I sound like Wu xP(He'll say:Hi. My name is Tylar. Master of Teleporting.) Cole doesn't trust him. He thinks Tylar is bad but he's not cause of his amber power. He's the good guy xD Anyway,Outstanding Job,btw. Have a chocolate cookie or two:(:::)(:::) Ooooo I can't wait! Exctied to read more! I'm out. Bye!
-KRR(#TeamKai) Kai:Thnx :3
9/6/2015 c11 22IlvMLBCNTNSBFWFIYMHDisNickGirl
They'd better save Lloyd.
8/23/2015 c10 Kairocksrainbow
This is Darkrainbow but with username changed xD Awesome Job,btw. Have chocolate cookie or two:(::::)(:::::) Umm. I got a question for u if you don't mind... God. I'm so nervous. Sorry. I like your Oc. Could mine be in the story? I got the info... Here it is...
Name:Jaylor Stone
Backstory:His both parents died when he was young. He was an ophran until Wu found him and took him to the bounty. Before his dad died,He told him about the ninjas,Wu,Overlord,Nya,Bailey,etc.
Love life:None.
Appearance:short blonde black hair,(His hair color is Cole's but not shaggy),dark blue eyes,orange round glasses,light tan skin,pale lips,around his neck is a silver diamond necklace.
Personality:cruel,rude,extremely intelligent,(smarter than scientists,teachers,adults,etc.),impaitent,deep voice,a little stubborn,hothead.(Cole calls him Twin hothead,Jay calls him Mini Kai.),immature,not much of a talker,rarely laughs,never eats.(He will survive.),hits hard but no one knows that :3,extra sneaky,agile.
Weapons:Techno Blade,Neon double sided daggers,his powers.
Regular outfit(When not fightning):a red hoodie,underneath his hoodie is a orange short sleeved shirt,dark blue skinny jeans,Neon Orange Jordans.
Ninja outfit(When fightning):Similar to Kai's techno gi but it's Neon Orange gi,orange bandana that covers his mouth,black leather gloves,light blue skinny jeans,red and purple air jordans with ninja suit,his spinjitzu is light orange
Element:Can absorb elemental powers by anyone he's touched and can teleport.(He uses his amber power for the good side.)
Best friends:Nobody.
Strengths:somersaults,backsomersaults,sideways cartwheels,cartwheels,backflips,frontflips,can swim pretty fast for having small feet,can crack any type of codes in 1 second. No joke,is good at being in stealth mode.
Weaknesses:not good with syches nor nunchucks,short temper if you prank him,gets grossed out easliy,not so great with Zane's shurkains.
Likes(not many things):Jordans,fightning,the cold,star gazing,being alone,privacy,sleeping.
Dislikes:Training,sweatpants,(prefers shorts),singning,dancing,sandals,(Will never wear them.),tank tops,Jay,Cole,Bailey,Lloyd,Cole's chili,Jay's jokes.
Extra:He wears a orange pj shorts,red short sleeved shirt,Neon Ankle and Low cut socks to bed,But by all means, If you prank him,He will(Not joking)will choke you to death,body slam you into the ground,will use his daggers to cut open your thorat. So just stay on his good side and you'll be fine. With a burning passion,He hates Cole. He dislikes everything about him. His eyebrows,(Wishes he will just shave them off),him talking,(He wants too slap him so hard right across his face.) I know. That's how much he hates him. Later When he puts on the Stone army helment,He will have a Neon Orange gi with silver highlights(Like Kai's),Later on,He will a Neon orange sleeveless ninja gi,His own elemental dragon,(It will be orange),Even more later,He will have a ninja suit like Kai's but Neon orange gi. Ok... Use him if you want...(If you don't take OC requests from other people,I'm okay with that. But for anything at all,Just use him. Don't have too ask me for him.) I'm out. Bye!
-KRR(#TeamKai) Kai:Thnx ;3
8/23/2015 c10 IlvMLBCNTNSBFWFIYMHDisNickGirl
Please update so good!
8/23/2015 c10 Guffeywrites
Is Lloyd really gonna die? That's horrible! Love the story!
8/18/2015 c9 Guest
You, update, now
8/17/2015 c9 Princess Bunny
8/16/2015 c9 IlvMLBCNTNSBFWFIYMHDisNickGirl
Love it
8/12/2015 c8 Guest
8/5/2015 c9 Princess Bunny
oh snap! How's she gunna act around her father when he tried to kill her and all dat jazz?!
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