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6/27 c28 Ragnar
Is Omega dead?
3/20 c43 DublinChaos
I thought Shaklebolt died during the Quiddich World Cup attack with Robards? Anyway I hope to read the next chapter of this fascinating story soon.
3/17 c43 Visionless1
I do hope this gets continued soon. good story so far.
3/11 c5 Antianti12
Plus you said there's gonna be bashing so the story is already down the drain bashing ruins story's.
3/11 c4 Antianti12
I honestly don't like the robots magic doesn't work well with technology so I don't see how it would work anyways and I Wana read a story about harry being strong. Not robots fighting the master and then him come with the sneak attack.
3/6 c43 alonsopenalva8
Continúa con el fic por favor
3/4 c43 pincho
I look forward to the next installment.
3/3 c40 pincho
Enjoying the story so far!

Though I just can't see Harry as a Sith lord once he broke free and brought himself into balance. A lord definitely just not sith or jedi. Both terms have decently defined outlooks. Now if he considered himself to still be a Sith then I guess sure...
3/1 c33 3Jordin-Pendragon
I started reading this for the time when he went back. This chapter is the transition. And now i wish he didn’t
3/1 c43 SlaughterMan72
Keep it up! I remember first reading this back when it wasn't even up to the part the Imperium happened, so I'm glad to see the progress! I do have some feedback, but please continue, I can't wait to see more!

My first comment/point: I was really thrown off by the way you wrote Hermione's inner world. It really became a slog to get through, enough so that I almost actively procrastinated that part for a few days when the rest of me reading had me wanting to call in sick or stay up late to continue. It just felt like a little too much for me: partially since I don't have much of an interest in those universes that Hermione built her defenses off of, and partially since it felt like a bit much that Hermione (for as smart as she is and with how much you can elevate her in your own story) can give so much trouble to Harry, who by this point had been a fully realized Sith Lord who, while maybe not up to par with Sidious in the Force, should have been able to tear through the defenses of anyone with as little relative practice as Hermione did in the Force/Occlumency. I get that you wanted to make a point that she was different mentally, but I think it could have been handled better, maybe if Harry first saw the initial idea and then had to go into her mind again at a later point and go against a much more realized version, maybe even more fleshed out than what you had written previously.

Second: similarly, I think you wrote yourself into a corner with how Harry was before he returned, because I feel like you forced him to act less competent since his return to his world. Yes there's the thing about Hermione I mentioned, but you're telling me he didn't use the Marauder's Map at all during fourth year to make sure things were falling into place for him and see Barty and Moody in the same room to cause him to panic/rethink his plans? No scheme to let things slip to the press through Rita "rumors" about Dumbledore, Voldemort, Barty, or other Death Eaters? While he wasn't a crazy mastermind as a Sith, I feel like he shouldn't be this... passive.

Third, which is essentially just point 2 part 2: things are passive/bare for fourth year. Like yes we want to get to the good stuff and everything, but there's a lot of time skipping that could've been used to do interesting things. Like whats going on with Remus? Can Harry have used him to make more waves in the werewolf packs than he could by himself hiring that one pack?Maybe you can do more little Dumbledore vs Harry interactions? Or Harry's struggle in being the Master to several Force Acolytes since he doesn't really have the experience in teaching much. Like you wrote about how Harry is going to talk to them about the Force, and then it doesn't happen. On a similar line, Harry isn't doing nearly as much anymore. We're essentially following Voldemort more in the "interesting things are happening" points, and following Dumbledore's side almost as much as Harry. Harry had a hand in planning the tournament, but since the choosing, it's basically "first task, yule ball, second task, third task" with him, and almost nothing of value in between. No struggles in dealing with Pansy, no insight into his mindset/plans by having him instruct the others, etc. Yes we can see how he foiled Voldemort's original timeline plans, and I can see how this and other plot points can be shown as him getting cocky and complacent, but this is the same person who was able to get an Empire running in the middle of the Clone Wars, who fought toe to toe with other jedi masters and other sith lords, and who stormed through the Senate to rescue Ahsoka. Harry is starting to feel like a side character in his own story.

Lastly, and more positively: I love what you're doing with Dumbledore and Voldemort! I do agree with one of the other reviews that you can flesh out Dumbledore a bit more and show how it is that he allowed the original timeline to happen instead of "that was then, this is now", and a bit of that for Voldemort then vs now too. That being said, I'm fully invested in seeing how things go, specifically with the new developments/revelations of this Voldemort's story!

Anyway, I feel like you can tell I rambled in parts and didn't plan this review much, but that's about it I think lol

Again, can't wait to see where this goes!
3/1 c1 12Dark-Prince-of-Clowns
"When Adas roared, other Sith rushed to his side or fled in terror. He enslaved the foolish and executed the idealists. When warriors challenged him, he drank their bloodsoup to honor their deaths."

If THAT is what Harry will become, color me intrigued! _

...Although I'd prefer to see him in the classical HO setting, going to Hogwarts and building his powerbase there and so on first. *Sigh*

But this Adas personality seems intresting, so I'll give it a shot anyway. _
2/29 c22 3Jordin-Pendragon
Sorry one more comment. The last line of Sidioys POV had me littarely on the floor laughing so hard I could not breathe. Masterful writing.
2/29 c22 Jordin-Pendragon
Literal goosbumps all over my body from reading this speach and I’m only halfway through this chapter. I recommend reading this story just to be able to read this chapter.

It is so rare for this jaded heart to get so immersed in a story i get goosbumps. Bravo, bravo, Well Done! Literally clampong oht load for this marvelous preformace.
2/26 c26 LCF
First off..? Awesome work! Absolutely LOVED all the Easter Eggs, in just this one chapter. Everything from (mother fuckin!) Snakes on a plane, to Star Wars Legends, to Chion' chanelling Oldman in The Professional..? Even Anakin's mini-breakdown ala Half-Bad's Sol O'brien rocked! (throw in an egg or two from Warrior Nun if you can, yeah..?)
This is EASILY one of The Best HP/Star Wars crossovers I have ever read.
Cannot WAIT for more.
1/25 c43 Guzurrito
one of the best SWxHP i have read my only problem is harry no using the marauder map all 4 year,, thanks for the cap keep it up
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