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1/15 c35 Guest
Okay so is Harry going to serve recruiting his own A-Team of hot weman werewolves vampires and other magical hot ladys before they decide to change the law again maybe you can meet Fleur delacour early that way.
1/13 c35 Guest
Please sir I want some more.
1/13 c34 Guest
Awesome man
1/13 c33 Guest
Palpatine was not expecting to be defeated that much was obvious also instead of a half dead cyborg he will be facing two fully capable Force users he is not going to be able to get his throne back so easily this time around also if covid-19 has showed us anything dealing with a pandemic is not easy and never goes according to plan I believe you under stated what was going to happen with that virus out in the galaxy they might be able to lock down some worlds but there will always be smugglers and pirates that will try to raid them for resources and that will spread the virus just like people walk around without mask on in real life it just takes one idiot to kill a whole lot of people.
1/13 c33 Guest
Padme took the easy way out she realized the gravest mistake she had made and couldn't live with herself oh the tragic heroine b******* she was a coward now she has no choice but to live and watch as her daughter is raised by another a fitting punishment but nowhere near severe enough in my opinion she was a direct cause of the fall of the Jedi and the republic if she had kept her legs closed and actually used her head things might have been different and I hope that you continue with the drama I've heard not being able to review who she really is to her daughter without getting them both killed because it's obvious that sith woman can't let her or the kid live.
1/13 c33 Guest
Many see the romance between padme and Anakin is Romeo and Juliet winning nationality was too scared children who didn't have the courage to break away and live their own lives he could have just walked away from the Jedi and lived with her she could have just gone into the private sector God knows she would have made good money nope they were used to their lifestyles and were willing to do whatever it took to maintain them and screw thousands of years of tradition we're going to do this our way but not have the guts to actually show it to everyone.
1/13 c32 Guest
Harry spoke the truth Anakin went from one former slavery to the next we all know it and he followed padme around like a lovestruck puppy well now he gets a new girl and master will keep that least nice and tight around his neck and instead of a stick she's got a warm wet hole to keep him in line!
1/10 c34 Guest
Love your story yet hated it at the same time the way you portrayed Harry reminded me of a dear friend I had when I was young he was in love with a girl at least he was in love with the idea of her she was the class Susie rotten crotch
1/12 c35 Pyrophoricity
That was great ! Cant wait for more :)
Thanks a lot for this chapter and see you next one
1/9 c35 Guest
In a lot of stories on this site no one ever looks into Lilys family tree or Hermione's for that matter. In your story I could see Dumbledore being the main cause of that he was desperate to maintain the status quo if a muggle-born was suddenly the air of an ancient house there would be fighting in the streets. Now that he is on good terms with the goblins I hope they offer him an inheritance test that would be interesting to see what came about of it's results;)
1/11 c35 1venus4279
I was very happy there was another chapter left to read :). I really like Jane and all the little hints about future political machinations. I think the lawyer meeting was interesting, and I am enjoying the legal and ministry officials you have introduced. I found the whole Gringott’s dragon fighting thing to be kind of ridiculous...the hubris, honestly. It just didn’t seem to serve much purpose. He really struggled with the fight, making it seem like the unnecessary risk that it was. I bet he was wanted some action, but I feel there might have been other ways for him to scratch that itch. I like the Goblin character you introduced, but surely the fact that they could easily have been held responsible for Harry Potter’s death should have occurred to someone before they entertained his weird command/request/challenge. Regardless, minor thing aside, I am really intrigued to see where this is building to. Thanks for sharing!
1/9 c34 Guest
That's one way to deal with Dumbledore eventually he will run out of favors and people stop listening to him if he annoys them enough. I am looking forward to seeing his reaction to Harry's new bodyguard though haha.
1/10 c34 venus4279
I am so glad Harry is back on HP land - so much that he can now make better for everyone! I hope he isn’t quite as bloodthirsty as he was as Evan Jade. Can I also just say, him toying with Lucius like that - pretending to be the Dark Lord- was literally my favorite thing ever. I am still grinning about it. I imagine daddy is going to tell Draco to stay the hell away from Harry from now on. Hahahaha. So great. Loved the scene with Hermione’s parents, but Jesus the Dursley’s got really dark, really quickly. I don’t see that going well for anyone, so I hope Harry just takes his permission slip and bails.
1/10 c32 venus4279
So- this was a super epic chapter. I really, really liked it. I appreciate all the time and energy you’ve put into this work, even though there have definitely been some parts and chapters I have enjoyed considerably more than others throughout the journey. I think there has definitely been a ripening or maturing of your writing, really especially noticeable in the arc since chapter 27 - but this was...wow, so emotional and powerful, I really felt it. It was a roller coaster of horror and vengeance, love and protection, good and evil and everything in between. Well done - this was a masterpiece with the son’s actions at the end.
1/10 c34 Lioth
So will Harry get another lightsaber?
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