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for Adas Reborn

9/18 c43 3LordRachakonda
Next Chapter when?
9/13 c39 B127
For the Ron Question 2 & 4 makes the most sense. If you want to keep him close to Hrry longer without begin a spy you can start with 1 and then have him switch to 2 deciding this is not his path. THis would even give Ron a chance to use his begining sith training to Control his emotions to a degree and prehaps make a new force tradition or a less militant version of the Jedi.
9/3 c43 Guest
I love the recent parts with Ron, please keep updating the story. This is awesome. Awaiting more
9/4 c34 alsdjhfgljkwebgh
Yeah, this is retarded. Stop writing.
9/4 c31 alsdjhfgljkwebgh
This is brain dead. A barely knight level Sith was able to take over and command four jedi masters? Go die, retard.
7/29 c26 Guest
No one will really read this comment, but I just need to vent. What the actual fuck!? This chapter most characters turned into blithering morons. Why? Grandstanding galore, nothing of that understated cleverness of before, just chunibyo - style stupid monologues.
6/19 c43 2willam and jack and jake
very well done
6/19 c42 willam and jack and jake
very interesting
6/19 c41 willam and jack and jake
6/18 c43 3grovepjp
5/28 c43 RandoMando47
Hell of a twist, I enjoyed the alternate trials, this endgame is going to be twisty as shit. Good work!
5/23 c11 kingzero753
I’ve managed to read upto chapter 11 and will not go further. The story is pretty decent and I would have followed. However it urgently needs an editor. It’s extremely poorly written. Lots of spelling mistakes. Occasional grammar mistake. And sentence structure sucks most of the time. It’s pretty obvious that the author does a super rough draft and publishes it without proofreading even once. Shame.
5/17 c43 BioHazard82
Really interesting story! Please update soon.
5/16 c42 6SAMarcus
"... I think I have a girlfriend..."

OMG, I don't think I've laughed so hard for an HP fanfic before now. Thank you for almost giving me a heart attack and breaking my office chair.
5/16 c43 Heero05
Just discovered this and have been binge reading it for a week. It is excellent!
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