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12/27/2020 c34 Guest
I love what you hinted at with his interaction with her in the room of requirementsand the comment about being careful what you wish for so you finally started your second part of the story as well that is very good the first part had very well written and thought out bits I'm looking forward to seeing where you take it now.
12/26/2020 c35 jc
ch 35 excellent work
12/28/2020 c35 6Llew444
This story is great! I've binged the whole thing over a couple of days and I love the Logic you try and succeed in incorporating (like with the Galleons).
I'm actually glad that Harry isn't making SW tech immediately for exactly the reasons you described as well, it wouldn't make sense for him to be able to build a lightsabre instantly.
So yeah, Keep it up!
12/26/2020 c35 Guest
The fact is that Harry has the knowledge to make those robotic sons of his puts him in the position to make trillions of dollars with just robotics let alone other basic galactic knowledge I do not see him letting that knowledge go to waste!
12/28/2020 c35 2willam and jack and jake
12/26/2020 c35 EP
12/26/2020 c35 Guest
"Dolores Umbridge" , not "Delores Umbridge".

Is this some kind of autocorrect thing? Does Grammarly autocorrect 'Dolores' for some reason?
You see this very same mistake in, what feels like, half of the HP fanfictions on this site. As far as I know 'Delores' is just an uncommon variation of 'Dolores' and I can't imagine all these authors making the same mistake over and over again.

Was the first chapters of part 2(after he returnes go the HP verse) written before you got started with part 1? These last chapters feels very much like a regression in characterization and plot management.
ln an effort to make this into constructive criticism as opposed to whining I'll explain why I get this impression:
Honorable warrior goblins... I understand why you'd want to portray goblins as honorable warriors, it's an interesting concept. It just doesn't work if you also keep their behaviour and history from canon. How is it possible for wizards to have defeated the goblins to thouroghly as they have in the past when you keep wizards in general as lazy, pacifistic and disorganized like in canon, BUT you make goblins supreme warrior gods. Even the thing about goblins either not understanding the difference between buying and renting showed us that goblins are eithef to dumb to know

In the original books by JK the goblins are portrayed as greedy, xenophobic/racists (depending if you consider goblins another species from humans, or just a different race within humanity). I know that many fanfictions have painted goblins as a sort of über-species with vast armies, impeccable honour, superior magical skills, and a deep understanding of everything amd everyone. The problem with this is that you can't use the canon history and interaction with goblins at the same time as you change them into something more.
Honorable? The Trio might have planned to betray Griphook, but they never actually did it. He betrayed them first out of greed. Didn't Gringotts report to Voldemort what had happened as well? His vault wasn't stolen from and he held no official position of authority within the magical world.
Smart? They sell items to wizards, under wizarding custom and law, but still get upset when those very same wizards don't return the items according to goblin custom.
Powerful? Magicals in canon are silly, disorganized, lazy and pacifictic. The goblin have been defeated

Plot-wise it looks like you're going to use all of the bad Harry Potter clichés (honorable warrior goblins, Dumbledore/MollyWeasley bashing, drama queen longspeech Harry, Dumb wizards/Smart muggles... To name few). It's very surprising to see the new story take so many regressive steps when your last one (or first part of the story?) had grown so much. That being said; I'm pretty sure that these first chapters of part 2 was written before, or at the same time as,
12/27/2020 c35 peachx89
Great update
12/27/2020 c35 11stars90
Excellent work. Harry's moving slowly but not boringly so.
12/26/2020 c8 Darth Bayes
I know you've long passed this chapter, but stuff like this just really bothers me. This is actually a pre-written statement on the subject, so it's not organized perfectly, but it definitely applies:

A Jedi is not the same thing as a Light-side Force user. A Jedi is a Light-side Force user with more authority than most planetary rulers, part of an essentially autonomous galaxy-spanning organization of mind-controlling wizard diplomats, that is essentially trusted by both the people and the government with an absurd level of authority. And this authority is granted to individuals by more or less an accident of birth, rather than the will of the people. This is an incredibly weighty responsibility, and the Jedi hold themselves to a commensurately incredibly high standard of impartiality and selflessness.
If a padawan is not willing to live in the way a Jedi demands, non-authority-wielding occupations are open to them, like the agri corps, medical corps, exploration corps, and more.
These are all under the authority of the Jedi and come with lesser training and significant surveillance by the Temple, as the Jedi have Senate-granted authority over all Force wielders in the galaxy, because any intelligent well-trained Force user can subvert the democratic or any other process, and seize control of near any planet on the basis of mind tricks and telepathy at minimum, unless opposed by other Force wielders. Similarly, allowing the existence of Force wielders under the authority of any polity without restrictions and monitoring is a threat to the sovereignty of every other government that that polity might choose to act against.
It’s mutant-registration-act meets human-Masters meets powers-drive-you-insane, done in an honestly pretty good and benevolent way, though it certainly isn’t perfect.
If it weren’t the Jedi showing up to take a couple’s Force-sensitive child, it would be the local intelligence agency, and they wouldn’t be polite, straightforward, or friendly about it, and people would be disappearing. Unless it was a non-local intelligence agency, in which case people would start disappearing even harder, including anyone who might have Force-Sensitive-producing genetics and not be loyal to the government in question. If they become a Jedi, the parents will at least be able to hear about and be proud of their child, and have some essential trust in the goodness of the Jedi and their ability to raise children well.
IRL, if some people were born with mind control powers that were detectable any time they got a routine medical checkup, it wouldn’t end up much different.
Parents aren’t brought along with children because severing any loyalty to the child’s planet of origin is immensely important for ensuring the impartiality of the Jedi exists and is trusted by everyone, including enemies of the planet a Jedi is from.
Relatedly, when Jedi were allowed to marry and have children, they kept having Force-Sensitive children, and thus formed clans, and the Temple splintered into a corrupt nepotistic cesspool combining the worst parts of a Xianxia setting with the Wizarding World’s Purebloods. Thus the Ruusan Reformation, and Jedi not being allowed to have families, and the Code being stricter.
Jedi are not bound to celibacy-rather, it is the formation of attachments that is forbidden, for the sake of true impartiality, the appearance of impartiality, and for the sake of ensuring that Jedi remain selfless, putting the duty they have taken on as a Jedi above their own good and that of their attachments, and that the Jedi lack the emotional ties that could draw them into overwhelming feelings of loss, fear, anger, or hatred, and thereby to the Dark Side.
In that sense, Jedi are all about the incredible weight of responsibility, and the Sith are about freedom and the breaking of metaphorical chains like responsibility and demands that one lives and acts a specific way.
12/26/2020 c35 2Black Doberman
i knew that the change was coming but man ya did us a bit dirty with the timing. you developed the star wars ark so well that i feel many of us just see that leaving it was a waste of potential. personally i think that you maybe should have transitioned sooner because while i did like the starwars ark, like many others. it was that last 10 too 5 chapter that had alot of development that got those of us who were waiting for the change, to actually not want it to happen. if that makes sence.

overall i still like the story and wish for you to continue writing. hopefully you will send him back for a bit or at least let him see what is or will be happening in his absence. As i , and i think many others, feel that the story ypu deleoped in the star wars setting is wasted potential. if you dont plan on sending him back maybe consider a second fic were he doesnt go back ans continue from there.
12/26/2020 c35 fraewyn
Love it!
12/26/2020 c35 9Marc the Unruly
The problems you talk about with recreating Technology from scratch were very well described in the E.E. "Doc" Smith novel Spacehounds of the IPC.

Great chapter! :)

12/26/2020 c35 1orion0905
I'll need to look up those songs but enjoyable chapter, it's nice to see a mastermind at work throwing wrenches everywhere.
12/26/2020 c35 sanyal
gold has a density of 19.3 g per cc.
a galleon of 40.09 mm dia and 4 mm depth will have volume of 5.04 cc and thus weigh 97.303 g
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