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5/5 c36 Jostanos
I am glad that Harry "Adas" Potter has been able to take care of quite a few things in this chapter, and I wouldn't be too surprised if quite a few more get done with even a few surprises thrown in in the next.

Please continue when you may, my friend. :)
5/5 c1 1Warrof
Interesting, but very OOC for Harry, for no apparent reason. Better than an info dump at least.
5/5 c36 2Victorules
The short snips from other teens were gold. Except Luna, that was just pseudo-vaguely recapping previous stuff. The revenge streak was good, if disturbing, and Dumbledore's stuff pretty solid. But the 35k length jesus eff christ, I was not prepared for that.
5/5 c36 Pyrophoricity
Amazing and great timing of posting there !
Thanks a lot for the chapter and see you next one :)
5/5 c36 2DebaterMax
So a fairly long review:

Mr Dooku was interesting
I feel like this last chapter tried to bring in more Star Wars but failed at it and was great HP content (as always) but I do want more SW references.

Also as much as I like longer chapters can you maybe halve these and instead of 35k chapters have 17k? I feel like that would be easier to read and review.

Lastly Abaddon is still a Sith and not one along the lines of Vectivus so while I don’t support making Harry have the morals of palpy I do kinda want to have abaddon push Harry down the more morally grey path not what he is now
5/5 c36 Joe-El
Great chapter as always. What does Adas mean? I could not find a translation that made sense in context. Just curious. Keep up the great work.
5/5 c36 2marius1117
liked the chapter
5/4 c36 comodo50
Neat, awesome to see a new chapter on this. Random q, which I cant recall atm since I would need to read all 35 prev chapters? Possibly.
Will HP return to his imperium, again? If so, I'm guessing that some much time would have happened between disappearing from SW-galaxy to Earth no?

Also, kinda confused on the whole tree genealogy thingies, fruit, whatever secret society? or something AD is from, and all that. Will this be explained further on? And finally, the crystal from Perenelle was a lightsaber crystal, no?
5/4 c26 suziq968
Wow, this Harry is an amazing mix of awesome and terrible. Tano family reunion made me cry. Good job.
5/4 c36 15Ptool
what an amazing story. kind of wish he came back 5th year but i am thrilled that this story is still extant.
5/4 c36 TheScottishLegend
Great to see this story updated! Really interested in this Wizarding side lore you’re building in the backgroud and the goblin side
5/4 c36 5hiddenpoet
'life is pain. Anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something' If it wasn't intentional using a line from Princess Bride I'd still love it cause it's a great reference to a great movie
5/4 c36 Seros109
Holy Mother. I call that a chapter. Length 1, absolutely nothing to complain about.

But god, Harry is really becoming a Sith Lord. Damn crass what was going on. That with the aunt was tough. I'm not sorry for Dolores. Made me think a little of the death scene of Dr. Delia Surridge from V for Vendetta. Only that I feel a thousand times more sorry for the doctor than for Dolores!

Seriously? Abaddon makes one on Dooku? I hope this was discussed with Harry.
I feel a little sorry for Lockhart. It's a shame that he had to bless the temporal blessing so soon after his 'rebirth'.

Who the hell is the daughter of legends supposed to be? I absolutely cannot make sense of that.

What's up with this Gerold Hightower. Is that your OC or the character from Game of Thrones? This whole secret order stuff confuses me very much.

Keep your ears stiff, stay healthy and greetings from Germany
5/4 c36 starboy454
Excellent long will it be before Harry gets to have his lightsabers back
5/4 c36 Zuronsjoy
A great day when a new one shows up in my library. Love this dam. Story
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