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5/4 c36 wanderingwitchelaine
brilliant again, love the story
5/4 c36 1Bearmauls
That was a massive awesome chapter! Some stuff I expected, some genuine surprises. Totally unsure how to feel about Dumbledore apprenticing Neville. He doesn't know that Harry was making moves to deliberately recruit him, so it isn't an oppositional move. Neville is the other possible child of prophecy, so getting him more firmly under Dumbledore's thumb is a reasonable option, but it also seems like Dumbledore does do some genuinely important world-preserving stuff. Nice to see him not be as cartoonish as manipulative!Dumbledore usually is.

The political stuff is fun, and you write it well. Recruiting Narcissa was fun. Rather enjoying all the werewolf stuff as well. Did NOT see using Lockhart's body for Harry's alternate personality! That was a really interesting move, and I'm excited to see where that goes. Also how Harry deals with not having that persona in his head, taking care of background details and acting as a sounding-board.
5/4 c36 AnimeA55Kicker
Well hot damn a lot of stuff happened here. And Neville is going to end up as Harry’s enemy. Did not see that one coming. But the blacks are all coming together. I wonder how Harry and Nym will get on.
5/4 c36 master of death12345
loved the story can't wait for the next chapter
5/4 c36 SGM84
Fantastic chapter looking forward to seeing more
5/4 c35 wanderingwitchelaine
another great chapter, seems I missed a few of them :D on my way to catch up
5/4 c36 Ariadne Venegas
I think is a little dangerous letting a part of yourself free to run out there with his own will to as he pleases unsupervised. Very dangerous! I hope it won’t comeback to bite him in the future.

About Neville, I really hope he could be a good friend and tell Harry what happened with Dumbly so at least Harry have a warning, and Neville knows not to confide in Dumbly as he do know.
Harry had lose an ally and he doesn’t know it...

I’m worried about Hermione, when Harry is not normal or something around him is not normal at this moment of time she tell some adult like Minerva, an adult she admire and trust (not really Dumbly like in fics but Minerva)that is not good idea in this case, I hope she doesn’t do it.

If Neville is going to have an apprenticeship with Dumbly, will Harry have one with Perenell? (Balance no?)

About that why harry destroy the cristal-stone? What it was? I think it could be important that Perenell and him talk and work because Dumbly is really against him now.
5/4 c36 1Celexs Draconia
I am so happy to see an update to this story. It is one of my all time favorite SW and HP crossovers. I cant wait for the next installment.

5/4 c36 Morkail
Always good to see this story get a updated. I always love reading a competent Harry Potter. Can’t wait to see how dumbledore responses to the new Harry. Thanks for the chapter
5/4 c36 1vyoom
This was a massive one.
You covered so much plot lines in this, which is kind of awesome on an another level.
Neville being apprentice of Dumbledore is weird. Is he gonna be a pseudo Jedi? Not that Dumbledore is Jedi like in any way in your story?
Dursley’s dealt with and good riddance. And was it Umbridge whom you offed with insulin?
Abbdon getting a body and then changing it to Dooku look like was morbidly hilarious. It solves Harry’s issues with taking care of problems outside Hogwarts and his trust issues.
Nice one.
5/3 c36 George Cristian810
This chapter was to much for this story . From ron and ginny who i dont like at all to neville who i think that he gets to much credit for to little and dumbledore protecting the world from some eldrich think aka w40k it is simply to much . I want to read about harry not this things that dont make tonmuch sense and serve only to increaee the plots in the story .
5/3 c36 2skygunner58203
Ok, putting Abaddon into Lockheart's body was genius. To be honest, this whole chapter had me on the edge of my seat. I'd like to have seen a summer meeting between Harry and Hermione, but beggars can't be choosers. One thing that threw me for a loop was the whole Dumbledore/Neville thing. I wasn't expecting it, and I'm confused by it. Any chance you might be able to explain it to me a bit better?
5/3 c36 ItMeYaGril
What a way to kick off the 4th! I don't know why, but after reading the Star Wars portion of the fic, I stupidly felt like I would be able to predict the plot of the Wizarding portion. This chapter thoroughly disabused me of that notion. Some of the seeds planted in this chapter were expected, others a little less so, but some (like a certain body-snatcher) came out of left field and left me grinning.

I suppose I should give some specific examples or this isn't really useful feedback, is it? Luna as a character is one of my favorites to read in fanfic because of just how creative authors can be with interpreting her, and as with most creative decisions in this fic, you have me intrigued and curious to see just how her subplot will play out. I had expected that her being an aspect/avatar/chosen of the Moon would set her down a somewhat well-trod path with her in fanfic, but the additional layer of Fawkes and her insights into the other POV characters from this chapter were both unexpected and delightful.

As for an update on my RPG adventures, my players may or may not have encountered a certain custom battle droid while exploring the undercity of Coruscant. Just a glimpse so far; I really want to do them justice and I don't want to waste them as a simple easter egg. I happen to agree with you on the system, but unfortunately, my players are a little averse to trying out new systems, so SW5e is what I've got.
5/3 c36 red demon161
It's great to see an update. I was just thinking of this fic too. I loved all of Harry's planning. Normally his age would of made it unbelievable for me but Harry's past experiences explain it.

I like his interactions with both Jane and Narcissa. I also liked his punishment of Petunia. I get the feeling she'll become a good servant. That was an excellent frame job of Vernon. Also that was a very unique thing to do to Dudley.

On a lighter note please get Harry to get Hermione to model, what I'm assuming to be Star Trek from Hermione and her mother's conversation, women's original series uniform complete with the knee high heeled boots. Maybe she loses a bet with Harry or something. :)
5/3 c34 wanderingwitchelaine
thanks for the new chapter, love the story look forward to more
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