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for The Timid Wolf And The Spellmaster

12/25/2018 c18 Zatara
I love the story
9/25/2016 c18 23Bennyweirlover17
Yay bethan forever also Ethan killed jesse happy ending yay
9/25/2016 c17 Bennyweirlover17
Ethan don't eat Benny get out of jesses spell please remember Benny
9/25/2016 c16 Bennyweirlover17
Oh no it's Jesse and a cliffhanger again
9/25/2016 c15 Bennyweirlover17
Oh no cliffhanger
9/25/2016 c14 Bennyweirlover17
I love that they go on a date in this chapter
9/25/2016 c13 Bennyweirlover17
Awesome job again
9/25/2016 c12 Bennyweirlover17
This book is my favorite bethan book to read
9/25/2016 c11 Bennyweirlover17
I read this over and over and I never get tired of it
9/25/2016 c10 Bennyweirlover17
I love this chapter so much
9/25/2016 c9 Bennyweirlover17
Very good chapter
9/25/2016 c8 Bennyweirlover17
I love this book
9/25/2016 c7 Bennyweirlover17
Your awesome with book
9/25/2016 c6 Bennyweirlover17
Another great chapter
9/25/2016 c5 Bennyweirlover17
The book is amazing
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