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2/10 c11 Guest
Hi! I just found this story today, and despite the small typos, I really enjoyed it a lot! The interactions between the characters feel nice, the canon and not canon ones, and the pacing of your story is to my liking. The banter and Minakos reaction to the dynamite was and trident was comedy gold, and dear, I can only agree with her, despite Rei's disbelief in the power of said dynamites. Also, I wonder how people would react to having practically two skies in one room (Usagi is a sky in her own way). Oh dear, this is going to be interesting. I really am looking forward to reading more! Also, don't worry, real life will always have more of an importance than a fic.
2/11 c1 Dalke320
I really enjoyed reading this I hope you decided to keep on writing!
1/16 c11 41eragon33
this is still amazing and I'm sad to hear about you brother I completely understand I myself would be devastated if my little sister died
4/9/2020 c10 LavaLilly
So funny story, your gonna laugh but it's been 3 more years since the last update and this story is really good and I'll hate to see it go.
2/9/2020 c10 Guest
Please more
3/25/2019 c10 11sondowth
Please update this story
7/25/2017 c10 Kaiser Dragon
Okay this is going to be very interesting, now I am not to familiar with Katekyo but I do know Sailor Moon and this has my interest. I hope to see more and soon! And if I am right we are going to see Fire works between are to flame wielders am I right?(I will see myself out)Now I have a challenge for you. It is a Sailor Moon and Fate/Stay Night challenge. You up for it?

The Silver Mage of Dreams, Souls, and Planets Part 1: Emerys Ambrosius Emiya, the direct descendent of Merlin and his powers. Emerys at the end of the story should use and develop these powers as he goes on his adventures with The Scouts. Emerys learns to use the Runes, Demonic and Holy Magic's befitting his ancestor's nature as a Cambion and how Arthurian lore blends Celtic paganism with Christian elements. Emerys has Tracing, Analysis, Reinforcement in one spell, and EX ranked Magic Circuits. When Emerys meets the Senshi he eventually gets his own Crystal and Senshi powers after befriending and later falling in love with the Inner Scouts which is born of Emerys's own powers, his heritage, The Four Generals powers being added to his own, Emery's bond with the Scouts, the Crystals of Endymion's Generals, and be able to fly(but no Sailor suit!). Emerys must master The True Magic of Heavens Feel, see the future, manipulate the Five Elements, various Druidic spells and shamanism along with flight and shape shifting(for Druidic and Celtic powers see the Type Moon wiki on Druidism and Celtic Magic's, same with Shamans, and World of Warcraft's Druids and Shaman's along with actual Druidic and Celtic Shamanic magical theory)with his ancestors cannon powers when Emerys comes to terms with his heritage, and eventually finds the long lost Magic Crests and perfectly preserved workshops of Merlin and Morgan Le Fay. Emerys has the powers of the Final Fantasy's Black, White, Red, and Blue Mages, the powers of the Final Fantasy Summoner class, Alchemy, learning the Unified Language, Fairy Magic's from Morgan Le Fay's side of the family, the Toshaka and Edelfelt styles of Jewel Craft and Magecraft, The Runes on the level of The Hound of Ulster as Caster at full power, everything that Merlin is capable of doing at his full power as a Grand Order Caster and all the skills Merlin has as a Human Incubus hybrid, with anything else you can come up for magic. Emery's can hold his own in hand to hand combat by learning Kung Fu with sword fencing and western sword skills. Emerys should be a master strategist and the brains of the group but is not afraid to step into the battlefield. Emerys has to resemble Fate/Grand Order Merlin in terms of appearance when he gets older and find Merlin's old familiar and take Cath Palug as his own familiar.

The Silver Mage of Dreams, Souls, and Planets Part 2: The World of the Story. It would be best if you merged the worlds of Sailor Moon and Type Moon into one universe. Both worlds have destiny and conceptual beings driving them with the Sailor Moon world having beings such as Chaos, and the Type Moon World has Gaia, Alaya, and the Counter Force. The Sailor Scouts have abilities that can be considered True Magic and their are aliens such as the Types in the Type Moon world and celestial threats in the Sailor Moon universe. In both worlds their are also monsters so it makes sense for the worlds to be merged. All the Sailor Scouts show up including ones that are allies to the Earth's Senshi.

The Silver Mage of Dreams, Souls, and Planets Part 3: Emerys's personality and role in the story. Emerys must be a meddler trying to make the Neo Silver Millennium happen as it gives the world hope and a chance for mankind to ascend to greatness by cleaning up and revitalizing earth's ecosystems, along with colonizing and terraforming all the planets of the Solar System. Emerys is like Merlin in that he has to be mischievous by being something of a prankster, but kind, compassionate, grows to be wise, value all life, know when it is time to be serious, be a strong believer in hope, and pursuing ones dreams. Emerys aspires to surpass his legendary ancestors, find a way to save Magecraft from dying out without wiping out mankind and the world in the process, and building a world where Science, True Magic, and Magecraft exist in harmony, and prove that he is not in anyway like Morgan Le Fay to the Moonlit World and he must eventually succeed in all his goals. Emerys must have his fair share of insecurities and problems about his own character. These flaws are Emerys having an inferiority complex due to being in Merlin's shadow when he finds out about his heritage as he was adopted along side Shirou Emiya and they were raised as brothers by Kiritsugu, while also being afraid of not living up to Merlin's legacy and be afraid of failing to reach his full potential and questioning his own integrity due to Morgan Le Fay's actions in the past and Emery's being descended from her as well as Merlin.

The Silver Mage of Dreams, Souls, and Planets Part 4: The Wizard and The Princesses of the Stars. When Emerys meets The Inner Scouts he goes through all the seasons and events of the original Sailor Moon anime with elements of the manga, with all the celestial beings and Sailor Scouts that are allies to the Earth's Scouts and enemies showing up and the Fate/Stay Night Fate route with elements of Unlimited Blade Works. The Fate elements are Shirou facing EMIYA with Emerys and Saber facing down Gilgamesh during the Holy Grail War in Fuyuki City when Emerys and the Scouts get some experience under the belts. When the Scouts go into the Moonlit World Emerys has to be a mentor figure to the Scouts along with Aoko. When the Fifth Fuyuki Grail War comes around Emerys has to become an ally to Rin Toshaka in the Grail War in exchange for learning their style of Magecraft and Jewelcraft but also acts as Shirou's teacher in Magecraft. However Emerys is the one to summon Artoria in a sense of irony as the two work together. In another twist of irony Saber teaches Emerys how to be a swordsmen like how Merlin was Arturia's sword instructor. When Saber destroys the Holy Grail it's purified and temporarily acts as a portal to Akasha to obtain the Heavens Feel which Emerys obtains fulfilling the Holy Grail's original purpose. Emerys then meets Merlin himself in the Garden of Avalon for a chat and for Emerys's character development into a true hero. Examples of Emerys's heroism is putting himself in the fray to help others and the innocent to fulfil his dreams, prove to the world that he is his own man, has overcome his fears, protect his loved ones, and most importantly it is the right thing to do.

The Silver Mage of Dreams, Souls and Planets Part 5: Parings.
In true Fate/Stay Night and Sailor Moon fashion their has to be love. Now Shirou Emiya has to hookup with Rin Toshaka, Sakura Matou, and Luvigetta. Tuxedo Mask get's with Sailor Moon and Emerys gets with all the Inner Scouts, Medusa after Emerys makes a contract after Sakura uses her Command seals to save Shinji(see the Fate/Stay Night Manga adaptation), Altera from Fate Extella The Umbral Star, and Artoria herself during the Fate/Stay Night arc before destroying the corrupted grail. At the end of the story in the Neo Silver Millennium, Artoria returns to rule Britain and turns it into Neo Camelot and also reunites with Emerys. Artoria has all the powers she had in life and the powers she has as a Grand Order Servant with all the powers of the various classes she can be summoned under at the end of the story at their best. Altera has all her powers as both Servant Attila at Grand Order levels of power and as her titan persona in the Neo Silver Millennium and can change her size at will with both personalities as Servant Attila and Altera assimilated into one personality.

The Silver Mage of Dreams, Souls, and Planets Part 6: The Inner Senshi's Fate abilities. It would be awesome if the Inner Senshi learned how to use their natural Magic Circuits and Fate style spells that fits The Inner Senshi's cannon powers and personalities from "Miss Blue" Aoko herself so they can branch out and not just rely on their cannon Senshi powers and gain some variety from cannon. This can help in bridging the gaps between Type Moon's Magecraft and the Sailor Scouts Silver Millennium magic. Also Medusa must eventually reach her full power in the Fate Grand Order arc by Emerys in an attempt to bring her back to life while training to master The Heavens Feel with the powers of all the classes Medusa can be summoned at their peak along with all of her Noble Phantasms of all those classes.

The Silver Mage of Dreams, Souls, and Planets Part 7: Fate/Silver Extra. When Emerys learns about the Moon Cell and it be able to bridge the gap between Magecraft, Science, and True Magic. Emerys and The Scouts go investigate with backing from Zelretch and Waver after it starts acting odd. What happens is that Emerys and the Scouts are dragged into another Holy Grail War. This arc has to be based on Fate/Extra, Fate/Extra CCC, and Fate/Extella The Umbral Star.

The Silver Mage of Dreams, Souls, and Planets Part 8: The Silver Chaldea Agency. Emerys goes through one last Fate arc based on Fate/Grand Order before the final Sailor Moon Season. Emerys and the Scouts gather the decedents of Legendary Heroes to form a organization made up of the descendants of Earth's Heroes, Former Clock Tower Enforcers, and former dark celestial beings. From Dead Apostles, Renegade Mages, Extraterrestrial and Celestial threats, to even The Types. You name the threat these guys can handle it! In the Neo Silver Millennium they police the use of magic around the world.
7/25/2017 c10 Thunder Dragon
This story has captured my interests. So are two favorite Fire Wielding Anime Characters are possibly going to hookup, I am sold, good on you! Also I apologize for not adding this to my request so I apologize even though this is late, it was some how cut out by the site. Also if you ever want to do my challenge just put it up in your profile and put it in that crossover section if or when it strikes your fancy.
7/1/2017 c1 Selene Eris
Thunder Dragon
With all due respect: Bruh. What are you even doing writing something like this as a comment.

While your idea is certainly... interesting, this really isn't how you request something. First of all, you didn't even give any comments or criticim on the work itself, which is pretty rude. Your post reads like a copy-paste spam message rather than a comment at all.

Secondly, you've basically written the entire plot out and decided most of the details, – even the work's name – so there's really no room for the author to "do what she wants" with the "rest" of the story, if she were to write it. (And requiring that the author stay "true to the characters" while demanding quite ooc pairings and actions is very hypocritical.)

Finally, the plot itself is very disjointed and awkward – it's like you just threw Harry into Japan and the Sailor Moon universe with no context or understanding of the culture, while also having him attend school in England? The story could be great if it didn't try so hard to stick to BOTH canon storylines simultaneously, but, since it does, it just becomes a jumbled mess.

Tl;dr – Try to be more thoughtful to the author when you make a "request," and if you want a story so specific that you've written an essay on the plot and lore, I suggest that you write it yourself. Or look into commissions.
6/23/2017 c10 Thunder Dragon
I have a challenge for you it is a Sailor Moon and Harry Potter crossover. Think you can tackle these two fantasy giants?

The Wizard of The Planets and the Silver Senshi part 1: Harry's new family. When Harry was little more than three the Grunnings drilling company That Vernon works at was bought by a Japanese business firm so they are forced to move to Jubaan Japan. After moving to Japan Harry's abuse by the hands of the Dursley's was exposed to his school teachers. After this happens Harry is adopted by the Tsukino family and is raised along Usagi as her brother. However when Albus Dumbledore finds out about Harry's adoption by the Tsukino's after his abuse at the hands of the Dursley's he goes to Japan and reveals Harry's heritage to the adult Tsukino's and proof of the Wizarding World and asks that they raise him to the best of their ability. If I were you I would take some inspiration from another Sailor Moon and Harry Potter crossover called The Little Love of Venus and a Sailor Moon and Naruto crossover called Naruto: The Lunar Knight for this part of the story. Just for inspiration. Now on the topic of Dumbledore I would take a look at Quartermass's Cetra Heritage Saga on his character and see how Dumbledore is portrayed as I am tired of character bashing.

The Wizard of the Planets and the Silver Senshi part 2: Harry's powers and adventures. Now if you follow when the Harry Potter Movies came out Harry was born on 1991 and seeing as the Sailor Moon series takes place in the 2000s to my knowledge so this would make sense to have the worlds merged. Now as Harry develops and goes on his adventures throughout the original Harry Potter Hogwarts books he develops and gains all of his cannon skills, equipment and abilities. Including all the Deathly Hallows for the final Battle against Voldemort and Chaos. However when we get to the start of Sailor Moon Harry does get his own Senshi powers and his own crystal which should be born of the Earth's Golden crystal, Harry's magic, and the scouts own powers symbolizing Harry's earthly heritage, his bond with his friends and family and his growth as he goes down the Sailor Moon Anime whether its the original anime or The Sailor Moon Crystal reboot is up to you with his sister and the Inner Scouts and hold his own with them and is their equal in terms of power and versatility. Also when the gang find's out about the Horcrux in Harry's scar, they eventually exorcise it without killing him but Harry does get the skills and powers Voldemort had as Tom Riddle. Also on the topic of Harry and the Scouts he has to have no Sailor suit, dear goodness no!

The Wizard of The Planets and The Silver Senshi part 3: Parings for the Main protagonists. Seeing as love plays a massive role in the Harry Potter mythos and as Sailor Moon is a love story their has to be love and parings. Usagi has to get with Mamoru, Harry gets with Makoto, Justin Finch-Fletchley gets with Ami Mizuno, Minako Aino get's with Viktor Crom, Rei get's with Yuuichirou Kumada, Hermione gets with Ron Weasley. Luna and Artemis get together(the moon cats),and Luna Lovegood get's with Neville Longbottom. For the rest of the casts parings you can do what you want so long as it fits their cannon characters.

The Wizard of The Planets and The Silver Senshi Part 4: The Senshi's abilities. The Senshi gain all of their cannon powers, gear, and abilities throughout the Anime and Manga but they also gain access to Wizardry and learn all spells and powers that Harry can do during his time at Hogwarts. Also Tuxedo Mask gains the Golden Crystal and all the powers he has in the manga but also Wizardry like the rest of the Senshi so he is not given the punching bag treatment like in the Original Anime. You can also give the Senshi Japanese or other Oriental styles of Magic and other powers of magic so long as those powers suit their cannon characters.

The Wizard of The Planets and The Silver Senshi Part 5: Harry's enemies. Every great hero need's great villains so Harry's enemies have to be no push overs. Voldemort has to be Harry's greatest enemy. The Death Eaters have to obtain the powers of Dark Celestial Threats and Youma along with all their cannon powers when they find out how powerful Harry is becoming and the strength of his allies, they have to be legitimate threats. Also Harry has to face the same enemies that the Scouts face in the Anime and Manga and face a mixture of both the main enemies of his series and the Sailor Moon series.

The Wizard of The Planets and The Silver Senshi Part 6: The Neo Silver Millennium. When Harry and his friends get to know their future and what the Neo Silver Millennium holds, it is truly something beautiful. The Wizards no longer have to live in hiding and both sides are working together to build a world where science and magic coexist in harmony and to build a better world. The Neo Silver Millennium also encompasses the entire Solar System and they are able to colonize and terraform all the planets of the Solar System. The Wizarding World's Fantastic Beasts and all of the creatures of mythology are also able to roam free and have wildlife preserves and all of earth's ecosystems are revitalized and repaired.

The Wizard of The Planets and The Silver Senshi Part 7: Harry Potter's allies. When Ron, Neville, Hermione, and Luna Lovegood encounter the scouts, they not only gain their own crystals but they also gain the powers of Endymion's four generals as they were before they became Youma but also their Youma powers but purified and added to their new crystals along with their cannon powers. This needs to happen so they are not left in the dust or become irrelevant in terms of the story. Also all the Celestial Soldiers in the Manga that are allies to the Scouts show up as well to aid the Scouts and Harry in the Final Battle against Chaos and Voldemort.

I really hope this happens because it would rock! Because if it does happen...Oh boy Harry, you are in for one magical adventure with the Scouts and the Wizarding World and it would be awesome! I can only wonder how the rest of the Scouts will react to the reveal of an entire world of magic that they did not know existed until now and I am looking forward to their interactions with the Wizarding World. I can see Ami being curious about the differences between the magic's of the Scouts and the Wizards and the biology of the Fantastic Beasts. Jupiter can get along with Hagrid and would love the challenge of facing some of the Death Eaters, and Rei would definitely be curious about the spiritual side of Western Wizarding magic
5/25/2017 c5 17duskrider
I have to agree that the anime seems to leave out a lot of Kyoko's good moments. I rather loved how her dying will was to get Nana to take back the comment about Tsuna.
5/15/2017 c10 37sailorlyoko4life
This was so awesome! I am so happy to see this updated! I love the way your having the characters meet and what your doing with relationships, not just romantic but friendship as well. You are an incredible writer and keep everything in show and everyone In Character perfectly! That's not easy to do with crossovers and you are remarkable at it! Please keep up the great work and keep being amazing!
5/15/2017 c10 Amanda27A.g
Well I am glad that you were able to update this story and I would like to read more, this story is in my favorite's file. :)
5/15/2017 c10 22tigrun
I love your story, it is so fun how you put the two universe together, please continue and update quickly
5/14/2017 c10 ARSLOTHES
Hope you pair Rei and Tsuna cause they seem to relate a lot
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