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for Marauders: Year Three

4/3/2022 c6 MyNameIsNothing
I know I've already reviewed on this (sorry for doing it again) but I wanted to ask whether you're still writing this series because this is one of the only marauders fanfics that are actually good and I'd like to carry on reading yours thanks so much!
4/2/2022 c4 MyNameIsNothing
I've read the first and second year and this is really making my day thanks sooooooooo much
Poor Moony I hope that DADA professor gets what he deserves lol
This is so good I hope you carry on writing!
5/24/2021 c6 AnonymousHPlover
Aw man, I'm so sad this isn't finished! This is seriously like my favorite HP fanfic. The way you totally capture the characters and the world with awesome storylines is just *chef's kiss* Rowling would be proud. I wouldn't be sad to see this continued even if it has been years :) But hey, I'm guilty of not finishing my own stories so... I can't talk lol
5/24/2021 c1 16classicdisneyFTW
This is seriously like my favorite fanfic series EVER! The way you capture the characters, the world, the stories is *chef's kiss* Rowling would be proud, I am sure.
I'm sorry it's not completed. However, as someone who often doesn't complete her own stories, I completely understand. But, I would not be upset if you ever decided to pick it up again no matter how many years it's been. Harry Potter fans will never die! 3
4/7/2021 c1 Blankaccount 73737
I hope you are well
4/7/2021 c1 Blankaccount 73737
Please update
1/5/2021 c6 7NatashaHaddock
I think this is brilliant. But why aren't you updating? This is an awesome story line!
12/16/2020 c6 Guest
Please please please continue I love this story!
11/6/2020 c6 Just a bookworm
6/25/2020 c6 Guest
great story
6/24/2020 c6 Charlotte
When will be the next update?
6/22/2020 c6 Guest
its awesome. I think that you are the best fanfiction writer. This story is great. I just hope that you continue soon
5/4/2020 c6 Guest
This is an amazing story so far! I hope you continue soon!
4/24/2020 c4 Guest
Professor Baines is an Asshole. I LOVE IT! great job
4/21/2020 c2 hp fan
that really brought sirius's home life alive. i had no idea how hard things are at his house. his family is a bunch of jerks
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