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9/17/2016 c11 33Cengiz
Abby, you're right and damn good at reading body language :D

ahhh connor, really!?
"I'll explain when you're older" - awesome reply of Abby :D

*shriieeek* they kissed :D finally :D well, given the circumstances, about time. but yaaaayy :D

damn it, Becker! *facepalm* -.- really?! dude! you screwed it up! -.-
:( poor Becker :( ok, you're forgiven. this will be really hard for him, for all of them.

great chapter! as always :D
9/17/2016 c11 41WorldofImagination18
Poor poor Jess. Hopefully in the next chapter things will go wrong and she'll be called back in (hint hint!) And poor idot Becker!
9/10/2016 c10 5Prawn Crackers
Uh oh! Bad, bad day for the ARC and the team!

I hope that Ethan dude gets eaten by a T-Rex!

But that hug! Small mercies for Jess and Becker...

As always, I love "your" Lester! :-) He is so beautifully annoyed!

Looking forward to reading more! :-)
9/10/2016 c10 6writtinginthedark
Another great chapter. Can't wait to see what happens next, and how Becker feels about Jess leaving :)
9/4/2016 c10 72DrawnToDarkness
Eeeeep! Poor, poor Jess! What a way to have to do it... Though I really hope the team find out the truth soon and realise she's not leaving them voluntarily - as much as she deserves a payrise, they've gotta realise she'd rather stay with them, right?

I have to admit I laughed at Ethan... Firstly his calling Lester 'Dude' and then his whole speech pattern just makes me think he's going to be on the wrong end of an EMD sooner rather than later if our Captain has to spend any amount of time with him!

Brilliant chapter, more please! (And also, YAY and HAPPY!DANCE for a sequel to Secret Weapon!)
9/3/2016 c10 33Cengiz
aww. don't worry about the shortness of the chapter, it was a great one. I love how Lester handled the situation, especially his reply to this little bloke. poor Jess :( but at least Becker will make sure that she's not leaving the facility as if she was a threat. I really liked their little embrace and then that he had stepped forward to make sure that this officer dude knows who really is in charge of the security :D

And yaaaay to hear that you write a sequel to "Secret Weapon" I'm looking forward to it :D
9/2/2016 c10 41WorldofImagination18
Awww poor Jess! Please don't maker her suffer for much longer. I'll take getting her job back or Becker kissing her. Either's fine right now
8/18/2016 c9 6writtinginthedark
I am loving this story. Can't wait to see what happens next :)
7/31/2016 c9 5Prawn Crackers
I love how you let us now what's going on in Becker's, Jess', Matt's and Emily's heads. How worried they are about the others.

And I can't wait to find out what's going on in Lester's office! I hope Matt's Pika plant is gping to grab all these men in suits as they no doubt are trouble!
7/28/2016 c9 33Cengiz
oh nooooooo! you can't leave us here :( please update soon. please.

7/24/2016 c9 72DrawnToDarkness

Okay... so Becker watching Jess and deciding to start his rounds so he could scare away the pesky research technician bothering Jess away made me smile. And him reasoning with himself and trying to build up the nerve to tell her how he feels made me smile even more.

Jess's thoughts, however, just made me feel sad. The poor thing! To leave, whether by choice or by force, is to say goodbye to her family as well as the job she loves and my heart breaks for him... I'm so hoping there'll be a way to avoid that, or if not, a way to fix it very, very quickly!

Matt & Emily are adorable, and hee, I share his frustrations that he was interrupted in the middle of asking the question! I can't help but wonder when he'll next get to the chance!

And then... Back to the meeeping! An agitated Lester after the arrival of men in suits does not bode well!

Thank you for the update! Looking forward to the next one! :)
7/23/2016 c9 41WorldofImagination18
Poor Matt being interupted! And certainly poor Jess and Becker. Hoping for a happy outcome here.
7/11/2016 c8 5Prawn Crackers
Becker giving Matt advice on his love life is priceless! But unlike Becker, I think Matt's choice of a wedding ring is beautiful.

I do hope you will get us to witness when Matt finally pops the question and Becker "deals with his situation" :-)
7/3/2016 c8 33Cengiz
Awe, what a beautiful conversation between Matt and Becker in this chapter :D It was worth the wait :D
7/2/2016 c8 72DrawnToDarkness
*runs around squeeing like a crazy person for five minutes because yay, new!Dangerous Upgrade!*


I love this part so much - Matt and Emily are utterly adorable and I loved reading this thoughts about their relationship. And he should totally ignore Becker - amber is the perfect choice of stone for an engagement ring for Emily and she'll totally love it. *happy sigh*

And Becker should really listen to his own advice, and Matt's...

Lovely new chapter! Thank you for sharing x
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