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9/19 c26 3fake a smile
Can't believe it took me this long to get to this. Normally this story is a drop everything and read immediately event, and it started that way, though I decided to do a full re-read with this update as it's been a couple years. Got a few chapters in before something swooped in and stole me away, and somehow here we are two months later.

But I'm here, and with another full reading under my belt I can deliver the less than shocking news that I'm still in love with this story. I think it's physically impossible to read without a smile on my face. It's just got such feel good vibes to it, and I just love the way your Chuck and Sarah vibe so hard all the damn time. It's beautiful to behold.

I think my only small complaint is a mirror to Sarah's in that Chuck spends too much time wrapped up in his insecurities. It stands out much more reading through the whole thing at once, but the dude needs to cut himself some slack. I think in the show his insecurities being played up made more sense given the situations they were always in, and the fact that Sarah's job left her being hot and cold with him all the time. Here, she's never given one indication that she was anything less than infatuated with him, yet his insecurities are every bit as alive despite that fact. With the success this Chuck has had in life - even if not in love - I'd expect his self-worth to be a little better than that.

But I digress. There are things I had forgotten along the way that make me doubly glad I did the full reading. I remember that there were hints to Sarah's past, but I had completely forgotten about the CIA 'roleplaying' stunt, which was amazingly done. And now you're teasing us with this cliffhanger here of something from Sarah's past clearly catching up to her and affecting her, and now we have to wait for answers? How can you be so cruel?

In all seriousness, though, this is an amazing story. It's one of my favorite all time stories. I've done a few re-reads at this point, and it's never anything less than a complete joy. The smile thing I mentioned earlier was not tongue-in-cheek. This story literally always has me smiling almost non-stop when I'm reading. So thank you for writing and sharing it with the world. I eagerly look forward to the next installment.
9/8 c26 sharkbiteparts
thank you for letting us read this. I hope you finish it's one of my first read and still remain a favorite
8/14 c26 Guest
There’s a reason we have no chill when it comes to this story. Hands down, it is my favourite story going. Despite that, I’m thankful for every chapter you post regardless of time. So long as it doesn’t get abandoned then I’m happy.
8/2 c26 Mr. M.Parker
Thanks for a super great chapter to read, and can’t wait for the next chapter.
I’m hoping that Chuck is buying a house on the island.
8/2 c25 Guest
I really like this story. Thanks for the chapter! Cheers, Tshadow
7/31 c26 2PurpleAffair
Chuck has this child-like optimism and energy, making him lovable. He’s in vacation mode, amplifying his infectious happy energy, also add the ardor being around Sarah and the connection they have. It’s no wonder he’s singing a pirate jaunty.

Alexi and his lights, brings the eccentric characteristic to this story. He’ll have no issues with alarms but conservation is where he draws the line, it is a necessity.

Sarah getting riled up with the thought of the Scuba Shack peeps giving her a hard time brings a smile to my face. The hint of familial ribbing. I’d like to imagine she’s projecting the happiness this thing they have going on is making her when she’s at the shack thus all the teasing.

Twenty-six chapter’s in and Chuck’s thalassophobia could easily be brushed over but it's continually featured as something he struggles with due to the traumatic accident he was in. It brings realism to the story. It’s not just a one-off mention in the chapter. He freaks out about the PDF’s, then has to take a moment on the dock prior to stepping on the boat, and his chill from accidentally looking down at the inky black ocean when exiting the wheelhouse.

Sarah’s caring, protective nature comes out too, when she’s calmly explaining the PDF’s necessity as a precaution akin to a seatbelt. And when she reassure’s Chuck there isn’t a need to apologize for his fear.

Sarah aptly deflected answering Chuck’s question on “what would be so bad” about Alexi and the Scuba Crew knowing they took the boat with some flirting. It does make one wonder, is it really to avoid the teasing or something more, like Sarah wanting to have this thing they share kept between them two because it feels precious/special or perhaps her general inclination of being a private person.

Chuck has deflected a time or two himself, kind of. Instead of voicing his curiosity on Sarah and her past he tells her about his one track mind leading to his vacation and then invites her to his hotel instead of why he was lost in his head on the car ride.

Chuck got under Sarah’s skin and she’s let her walls down so much with him. It seems at times to be a very conscious decision like sharing her first sight of Hawaii story. The sweet soul was self conscious on sharing that but Chuck simply being himself, reassured her it was the right decision, and she tucks herself against his jaw in a way that spelt emotional safety and comfort. Other times they seem to slip out of her. Like blushingly admitting how grateful she is that Chuck’s people pushed him to vacation, leading to their meeting. And when Chuck says “Anything” to Sarah’s favor request, she seems surprised by her own response of “Sometimes you make me believe that.”

Welp there is no shortage of heat or passion between the two. If the creative use of champagne is any indication. It’s sprinkled with moments of happiness, even when Chuck knocks the wind out of Sarah there's laughter. And his saucy look to her innocent "long" comment, cheeky.

There’s heartache in the quiet statement Sarah makes about Chuck leaving in a few days and his responding resignation, leaning into her shoulder voicing how the thought of leaving has him feeling as well. They’re both toeing the line of admitting out loud that this thing is more than a fling lasting only though the duration of Chuck’s stay.

Ellie isn’t heavily featured in the story, as she’s back in California being the Super Neurologist she is. Though, you can still feel the close bonds of the Bartowski siblings. Chuck is struggling with processing his feelings and Ellie steadfast advice is clearly needed and wanted by Chuck.

Something’s upset Sarah Walker so much that her mask slipped. My immediate thought is Jack Burton, only due to this “money stuff” phone call that had bothered her earlier because that felt like a “my Con-man father” problem.

Either way it seems like the next chapter may give some insight on Sarah and whatever is it she’s dealing with. They’ve gotten so close that there’s a chance she’ll feel comfortable letting Chuck in on her problem. Maybe Chuck’s platonic need for Sarah in his life will be displayed if not with words then his actions of wanting to provide whatever she's willing to receive from him.
7/30 c25 Mr. M.Parker
Super amazing chapter to read.
7/27 c26 Guest
Wow this just keeps getting better. Can’t wait for more
7/27 c26 Tim Tester
Before I was able to enjoy th chapter I hat to start the beginning and remembered chapter By chapter why This is one of my favorit storys. It was worth to wait This long. But now I am extremly exited and can not wait for the next chapters. I Hope you find your way to Go ahead soon. From my point of view it is one of your best
7/28 c24 Mr. M.Parker
Thanks for the chapter.
7/27 c14 2WadeDT
This story is like a box of bon bons. "I'll just read one chapter. Mmm that was good, so I think I'll read another. Oh, did I just read a third? Well I should go ahead and read a fourth, then I will have my fill of this Charah goodness." 'Blinks with a metaphorical empty box of bon bons and face covered in chocolate.' "How did it get to be 3AM?"
7/27 c26 SarahWBfan
Aaaaaahhh! You’re right! I am so NOT chill about this! What is going on with her? Aaarrrrggg! Maybe I’ll just start reading from the beginning again and hope that by the time I get to chapter 26, there’s a 27 to read.
7/27 c9 WadeDT
Happy, Happy Joy, Joy!
7/26 c7 WadeDT
What a lovely chapter!
7/26 c25 24Amelia Wolfson
I'm just waiting for Chuck to have Sarah watch Mask of Zorro and point out the "Tango" scene like "See, I told you it was really hot!" and her just pat his leg and gently explain that their doing the Paso Doble, not the Tango in that scene.
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