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10/22/2018 c2 Guest
This is really good! Thank you so much.
1/28/2016 c2 golden goddess
I had a ton of fun reading this. I might make an account just to fav it
8/29/2015 c2 32Emmazippy577
That was so amazing I love that make more like that if you cannnn
8/21/2015 c2 15jedijae
Great short fic. I really like the interaction between Kristoff and Elsa, and Following what we saw in Frozen Fever, that she is comfortable enough to touch him. Characterization are spot-on, and Kristoff seems to have a bit of a temper! Hope he saved some of Skov for Anna!
7/4/2015 c2 Guest
This story is just the most amazing kristanna fanfic ever! 3 after working for hours, seeing this fanfic really cheered me up! Could you please continue this story? I really hope you didn't mean 'the end' at the end of ch2... (Sorry for being pushy:(I know I'm just a guest reader.)
7/4/2015 c2 8Snaping About
Funniest story ever! Go Kristoff! Bloody up his arse!
7/4/2015 c2 Kalianna Loralei
Loved it :) A really sweet story that's also funny.
7/3/2015 c2 Inkfinger2000
Great story. Thanks for sharing!
7/3/2015 c2 107Dagron
Definitely entertaining, loving the ice bro feels!
7/3/2015 c2 NrDg
Anna seemed to be able to take care of herself in this one. Elsa might be a bit tipsy but it seems unwise to permit and condone violence from Kristoff in this case. Still fun to read.
7/3/2015 c1 NrDg
Very good - I like the interaction between Elsa and Kristoff and the bar setting was inspired. Liked the barmaids comments and concerns and how she expressed her concerns to the "floozy" leaving with Kristoff. Fun.

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