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4/5/2018 c4 4Michael78
i hope you return to this story
10/6/2015 c3 96Ziva Mal Sakura Phantom Berg
I love this story so far, please with a cherry on top continue.
9/16/2015 c3 lyokowarrior
XANA's a crafty little bugger. Even if he didn't use the cookie, he's very keen on what happens in the real world.
Danielle may not have to worry about melting into slag anymore, but that don't mean she's safe. Now that she's
been targeted by the rogue AI, she'll have to be on guard. I hope that she can use her ghost ray, cryokinesis,
and flight on Lyoko. Those powers will come in handy there.
9/8/2015 c3 Michael
That was a very good chapter.
9/8/2015 c3 13KuriMaster13
Ehh, I think it was more humorous if Xana found out via a cookie. :)

Good chapter btw. :)
9/7/2015 c3 10ultima-owner
that was great
7/22/2015 c2 lyokowarrior
Looks like the cat just got outta the bag. So how's Dani gonna explain that she's a botched copy of her "cousin" to
the gang? And can Jeremy stabilize her ghost half?
7/19/2015 c2 13KuriMaster13
Hmm, interesting.
7/18/2015 c2 Guest
Yay! A new chapter! I liked Dani's Lyoko suit. It makes a quite lot sense since the scanners create those by using scanned person's subconscious. Or at least that is how I remember it went. Haven't seen the show in years if you don't count one episode from that new(er) life action series. Hurr... The horror...
Also it was great to see that you used the idea that even though the "cure" Dani isn't completely stable. I don't think that I have seen those before. Extra points if you had already planed that before my first comment. Also making her Jeremy's "bodyguard" makes a lot sense. It also prevents (hopefully) Dani stealing all glory from the Lyoko warriors, the problem that appears in too many crossovers and OC stories.
In the end, good work again and hopefully we will hear from you ASAP.
7/18/2015 c2 10ultima-owner
that s why thinking out loud can be bad
7/17/2015 c2 96Ziva Mal Sakura Phantom Berg
Please keep on going. I love it.
Rogue Bergstrom528
7/15/2015 c1 Ziva Mal Sakura Phantom Berg
I love this story so far, please continue
Rogue Bergstrom528
7/10/2015 c1 Michael
This idea works. You should continue this one day.
7/10/2015 c1 Guest
It's a good thing that Danny's idiot of a father never got the Ecto-Dejecto to work like he wanted it to. Something in it
had to have the one piece that binds the two halves of human/ghost hybrids into a stable, unified whole. And for Dani
to develop her cryokinetic powers at a young age. She's ready for almost anything. Her 'cousin' must have taught her
when in begun manifesting.
7/9/2015 c1 lyokowarrior
Huh. Never woulda thought about this angle. Danielle could be helpful in the fight against XANA. Let's see where this goes.
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