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11/19/2018 c18 Guest
I read the story for what I thought was Sabrina and Michael, not Sonny's 2,178th daughter. Sorry you lost me on the sequel.
8/30/2018 c4 Guest
I really enjoyed this chapter I couldn't stop laughing especially everytime Patrick tried to object but he would sit back down! Now this is what should have happened on gh just saying! MICHAEL AND SABRINA SHOULD OF GOTTEN MARRIED stupid writers!
8/18/2018 c18 Guest
I was really hoping that this would be an actual Michael and Sabrina as a couple story as I liked what I saw of them on GH rather than Sonny collecting another kid story. So I am a bit disappointed there but your story is actually really good.
8/10/2017 c17 brendafay
love it more please
7/7/2017 c17 Bertha
great story please finish it
7/28/2016 c2 110samanthabravo
Loving this. Sakey are so cute.
7/28/2016 c1 samanthabravo
Love the start.
4/24/2016 c17 47silverbellbaby
I'm looking forward to what Sabrina discovers about her mother. I noticed there weren't any Michael/Sabrina scenes much in the last couple chapters. Then again, I understand why because there are other characters in this story. My apologies for not reviewing enough. I hope in the end Michael/Sabrina are declared not siblings as I enjoy them as a couple.
4/16/2016 c17 didi6
Great story, I can't wait for th sequel!
I hope Michael and Sabrina will be together!
4/7/2016 c16 brendafay
4/7/2016 c16 didi6
Great chapter, more soon plz!
4/5/2016 c15 brendafay
4/3/2016 c15 didi6
Great chapter, more soon!
3/30/2016 c14 brendafay
3/20/2016 c14 didi6
Great job, love it!
Can't wait for the next chapter!
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