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9/9 c1 13ideal man
not gonna lie I don't feel clean reading this story when I look at Luffy this is the last thing I can imagine matter a fact scratch that I don't want to imagine this
8/11/2022 c3 romanian.theif
honestly I don't know if I should be disgusted, weird or ashamed of myself for continuing to read this
5/13/2022 c1 drizma
Huh. Surprised I didn't know about this.
1/3/2022 c12 A Metalhead
Hmmm since this is a AU fic were luffy became a marine, i want to see a marine luffy and yamato meeting, how different it would be the setting
8/17/2021 c1 Bayu Erlangga
Luffy x hina best chapture
7/11/2021 c12 4Monster King
Great work
2/16/2021 c2 cesiannaa
Isn't Luffy engaged to Hancock already at this time?
6/28/2020 c12 1ChiDead
That was truly beautiful. Subarashii
1/4/2020 c1 HK.Newbie
Age pls
5/15/2019 c3 Guy
Alright, you should list a kinda guide to the lemons. Like where each chapter fits in so people won’t mix them up out of order. For example the first two lemons happen before the first chapter of the actual fic so you can read them at any time, and the third lemon happens after arlong is defeated (which is either chapter 8 or 9, I’m not sure because I’m just starting to read the fic and the au says it’ll be a two chapter arc)
4/21/2019 c12 302leonardo18anime
Can you do one with Zoro and Tashigi. Because why not it could be fun
2/6/2019 c12 deoxeyses
Nice, fun stuff
2/1/2019 c12 Guest
a hardcore of Luffy and Robin would be nice
1/31/2019 c12 FuryJoe
great story
1/30/2019 c12 1TheGreatBubbaJ
It's a hard knock life.
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