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for Ice Prince

10/29/2015 c2 2elins are very cute
This has the potential to be really good.

But, judging from the lack of updates in months, I suppose you gave up?

Don't worry, I gave up on my shitfic, too.
7/11/2015 c2 Nice King
I love it

Excellent Chapter :D
7/11/2015 c2 79SteelDolls
Pffffft! I love that Kaito can create ice cream! That's hilarious!

And yes, why IS Kaito so damn enticing? I just ,

And I loved Len/Rin's introduction. Their characters in this fic feel reminiscent of Palom and Porom to me (from FF4) and I just love that.

As for how'd I like dat... hehh, pretty well! ;P
7/6/2015 c1 Guest
I'm not reading this until I know what the couple is , because if it's kaito x miku, then I won't read this because I hate that couple (no offense)
7/5/2015 c1 Guest
Don't forget to state what the couple is for others. I like this so far though :)
7/5/2015 c1 SteelDolls
This is REALLY interesting, and I'm so curious to read more!

But, I was a little uncertain as to why it's rated M.

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