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for Legend of the Pink Haired Demon

13m c18 JustinOtherFictionFan
1. I love the chapters long
2. I love how you introduce Lucy and reunite Yukino
3. I hope you keep writing
10/22 c5 JustinOtherFictionFan
Starting to heat up! I wonder if there will be many more lemons?
4/27 c1 darthkratos24
Not read this but I just wanted to say with all we know about the fairy tail world now...boy this seems out dated lol a lot of stuff we now know would never actually happen like igneel in the year 774 wouldn't be possible
3/8 c37 Guest
Can you update please, its been almost 4 years and this fanfic is AMAZING, so I hope you will update soon.
2/6 c20 NotSerious4Fun
This is pretty good, apart from the harem aspect which is of course dog shit.
12/18/2020 c37 Victor
My guy, we NEED a new chapter, this fanfic is awesome. Please give us some sort of update on your progress!
6/15/2020 c37 fdms85
por favor continua la historia
5/19/2020 c37 Guest
Please finish this story
4/30/2020 c5 Destroyer777
Love the chapter, lat but still thank you
4/19/2020 c37 phildude1911
when is the next chapter coming?
4/15/2020 c8 Guest
Can you add Cana in the harem?
4/3/2020 c37 Guest
Hey can you update this it has been a while and when will we see hitomi’s mom
4/1/2020 c3 Guest
Bruh yo fanfics is funny ash. Keep doin what yu doin.
3/14/2020 c37 5Darth Sky Commander
I do desire a continuation. Hopefully you come back to this.
1/31/2020 c37 AcidESP
It's a good story, I hope it continues one day, I send you greetings, congratulations, bye!
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