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for Are We Alone

11/25 c16 Guest
hahaha 10 thousand c sec officers xD hahahahaha
11/25 c9 Guest
this is horrible xD trying to do a crossover and failing hard, all of it so far has been shit.
9/30 c18 3Zandaino-Nova-Ari
Are we going to see any Fullbringers or Arrancar in this story?
8/16 c1 svsnalu
8/7 c1 Dauntes
Part of me wishes this was a one-shot. This chapter is so damn satisfying. It's been many years since I read this one, and I vaguely recall it going off the rails, but I'm in it for a re-read. Here we go. :)
7/2 c1 Kagega
Really cool story shame it seems dead.
6/13 c8 Mr.Destructo
i mean isnt something like the reapers who basically genocide the galaxy a bad thing for someone who feeds off war what war will there be when everything is dead
6/9 c18 Neroscurse
Well you certainly delivered with this chapter. Even with the story being 'dead', definitely felt like this was a great way to end. Thanks for the fund couple of hours reading your work.
6/9 c4 Neroscurse
Really enjoying the story as it progresses. Thanks for posting.
6/8 c1 Neroscurse
Loved it! Kinda feels like watching Batman when Superman was going through metropolis. That difference in power should be fun to explore in the mass effect universe.
5/6 c4 6XXxxxadisxxxXX
This feels like more of a thinly-veiled reaction fic than an actual story. There is a narative, if you consider a cursory glimpse of mass effect's plotline one. It feels like this has the potential to be a full-on story, but it not only doesn't want to be, it actively hurts its prospects as the fic continues.

I think I would've liked this more if it actually opened on a cast of characters, or even just a main one, and went from there. Generally, I have a disdain for stories that try to tell a narrative through tertiary glances at what the main characters are doing.

It is a more "interesting" way to write, but that doesn't make it a better one. The story just rings hollow when you think about what it could've been with a more focused point of view.


My take on this could be entirely put aside by the fic later on if it actually decides to tell a story. If it does, replace the above-mentioned problem with issues with pacing and how it opened on such an odd over-arching storytelling mechanic.

3/22 c20 Manuel Barrios
Excellent story. Looking forward to the author updating it but it's been a long time since a new chapter has come out. Please don't drop it
3/20 c20 anonsan
is this fic dead
2/18 c18 ivanacco1
All that built up for this? at the end nothing happens and humanity is left in the gutter.
2/1 c20 1Dean Hunter
Didn't think the crew would get the hyper advanced equipment but I am honestly pleased, they are so badass as they tore through the facility. Kinda hoping Urahara would bend the rules a little bit and slip in some actual magic in the design.
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