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for Are We Alone

12/1 c20 draculyn28
I liked this story, I hope you decide to continue it at some point, greetings.
10/2 c20 hungrygoku
come baaaaaaack
9/24 c19 7thcreator
In ch5 it mentioned that ichigo went mach 83 when on Elysium, which is 28469 meters per second or 63683.339 miles per hour.
The fastest bullet goes around1,422 meters per second at the moment. All of this said means ichigo is really fast.
9/19 c1 JollieHotDog
Am I reading a kid's edgy fantasy or something?
9/19 c1 JollieHotDog
Am I reading a kid's edgy fantasy or something?
7/13 c1 Guest
Please update this amazing story
6/26 c5 BigRig2.0
Nah, I’m out
6/15 c20 Schazmen
Man, I love how you handle this story. I binged this over the last few days, and I love the worldbuilding, the changes to canon (like bringing in Chellick as a main character) and I am looking forward to what you come up with next.

About the overhaul, though, how are you going to do that? Replace chapter by chapter, or just uploading it all as a Redux edition?
5/19 c20 43Black' Victor Cachat
This is brilliantly done here! Loads of detail, excellent character work, and you are tracking the ripple effect of this AU very believably! I am very much looking forward to more! :-D
4/20 c20 Monkeylikespie
I just realized none of them know that ichigo is part human they all think he another race
4/7 c20 1Ishiba233
Still waiting for a new chapter man. Hope u will update it soon.
3/24 c3 Axel Fones
Oh god the Kenny name drop was such an ‘oh shit’ moment lol. He’s gonna have a looooot of fun
3/21 c3 IamOminous
You really need a beta reader, that being said despite the issues I keep reading... Its really good!
3/21 c1 IamOminous
I find the concept that they can suppress this incident very hilarious and stupid... Lets say something like this happened today, hundreds if not thousands of people would have witnessed it, and immediately recorded it. not to mention the insane number of cameras both closed and open systemed in a city... also body armor cameras and automatic streaming cameras... This would have gone viral before the attack even ended irl. In a super advanced society, it would already be all over the internet on different platforms on different planets with hundreds possibly thousands of hard copies (offline copies) making virtually impossible to suppress.
3/19 c19 Ruberforumfree
...I want a Dakimura of Tali too xD
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