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for Are We Alone

2/27 c1 1xana2
How is this universe made? The soul king made the universe? So should he And. Everyone in the soul society should know about what been going on in the universe?

About the reapers that destroy all life every 50,000 years?

I really love this story. And I went to known all about this universe.
2/25 c20 4Monster King
2/24 c20 Look2021
Good Chapter.
1/28 c3 26epic insanity666
I like that snippet of kisuke
1/17 c20 Star
Did Garrus just use the BFG 9000?
1/16 c20 Guest
Was that a good idea for Garren’s to leave behind the one use Graphene Cain Launcher!? What if the bad guys retrieve it!?
1/14 c20 SpudyPotato
Awesome stuff!
1/13 c20 15Shikaku Zetsumei
Awesome chapter. The fighting was chaotic, yet easy to follow. Nice of you to remind them of the stakes. Since I'm waiting for the next chapter, I guess I'll go check out the other massive work you have...

1/12 c20 Guest
You have to get Shepard and Co. involved with their mission! Also, REALLY happy to see this update after so long, and LOVE the hardware that Hat-n-Clogs came up with!
1/12 c20 Guest
That was scary to consider, this armour was probably something that [should] be mass produced, if some madman got their hands on this it would be chaos.
I think you meant to say [shouldn’t] here!
1/10 c20 Trife
Awesome chapter! I’m happy to see a new chapter for the story, I really missed it.

I’m really excited for the next chapter and seeing how Liaria reacts to everything that she is going to see and experience on that ship. That’s not even counting what was said about someone saving War from Ichigo and the other serious stuff he mentioned. I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen and be shown next!

1/10 c18 2Annoy mouse
Why bring mortal aliens along where they should only be in grave danger and completely unable to help?
1/9 c9 Annoy mouse
...How is the Citadel forces knowing about Saren's presence anything to be worried about? They have footage of the guy leading Geth! Attacking them!
1/9 c20 vinayakdj1
Dude why do u keep rewriting you stories? I think this is the 3rd time all your major fics are getting rewritten...and though I understand the constant need to improve and to stave off those mongrels who keep complaining about the quality and what not but you must also remember...

It is becoz the stories where written in such a way that they garnered such a following...u r what your experiences make u...there is a reason time travel is frowned upon
1/7 c1 Phantom-icy3
Love it!
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