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for Are We Alone

1/3 c20 48reality deviant
well, this is great. cant wait to see Alliance arriving to the aftermath of this mess.
1/3 c20 Arashi Uzukaze
Will M or F Shepard appear and join eventually? I hope so!
1/3 c20 1dextron11
Well that was pretty awesome. The fights were amazing as usual. When the team transitioned from being unstoppable juggernauts to fleeing prey because of War, I got chills. That was a very well designed scene.
I am also glad that there are clear drawbacks to the armor, both physically and morally. Kisuke may be a genius, but his help extracts a toll on all those around him. Keep him a bastard. It is what he does best.
1/3 c20 PasiveNox
1/3 c20 1Jollyreader23
1/3 c20 Amir-015
What exactly is Ichigo's status with the Alliance right now?
1/3 c20 Fortitude501

This is by far one of the best action sequence i've ever read.

Not bad my man.
1/3 c20 6Capito Celcior
A common mistake, the phrase "let alone" to indicate something even rarer, has the two comparative subjects switched.

What do I mean? You wrote that the suit was the most advanced piece of tech Tali had ever used, let alone heard of. You can hear about a lot of subjects, including advanced technology, rare food stuff, expensive antiques etc. Ever getting your hands on it however would be much more dificult.

The phrasing of the "let alone" comparrison is meant to explain that something is ridiculously unlikely. In this case, it would mean the tech was so advanced not even rumours of it or anything like it had ever reached her ears and anything like this would have had people clammouring about it, spreading the knowledge far and wide oer the internet, wether true or not. But here she was actually wearing it, which is even more rare since who could immagine such a situation.

So the correct order would be "she'd never imagined ever hearing about such an advanced piece of tech, let alone wear it." or even better "she'd never imagines such an advanced suit even existing, let alone be wearing it."

Something like that.

Sorry to harp on about this subject, I really am ridiculously glad to see this story updating, but seeing that phrasing used fairly regularly but mostly incorrectly by many different authors kept buggying me.
1/3 c20 HuangBaiLian
Please please please please please update again soon! Thank you!
1/2 c19 1Ishiba233
so, I'm waiting for the new chapters you promised in new year. I'm still waiting eagerly, please do update if you have written any new chapters. Thank you for sharing your work and I will be waiting.
11/24/2020 c9 2SilverSurfer24
Quite the nice story you got there, I enjoyed it so far.

The only small problems I have with it are the OC's, especially those villains which I can only guess are some knock-off versions of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

It's meh, really.

The idea may have some merit but I frankly dislike the thought that they are somehow more of a threat than Ywach which is quite dumb.

Sorry mate but Ywach himself is a bad villain and one of the traits that made him bad was his complete bullshit levels of power adn his ability 'The Almighty' that made a joke out of everything and everyone...and you made OC's that are more overpowered than that?

Good luck my friend, you're gonna need it. I don't want to have the headaches you're gonna have thinking about abilities that come even close to Ywachs Allmighty (which to this day is one of the most broken powers in the history of Anime), and I don't want to have the headaches you're going to have thinking about ways to defeat such overpowered characters.

So yeah, good luck, you're really going to need it.
10/30/2020 c19 Guest
Will there be a continuation of the story? Or all of your other works?
10/14/2020 c2 JumpingToaster
P.S. Though I plan to go to sleep before binge read again... I just wanted to say completely unintentionally I was listening to Bonnie Tyler's 'I Need a Hero' as I read chapter 1 and 2. Was not intentional and the timing of it was hilarious to me.
10/14/2020 c1 JumpingToaster
I found this fic right before bed so I misread it as Shepard dying in this chapter. That... would have made this story different.
9/26/2020 c19 corjca1
stupid ending ichigow fucked central 46 will crucify him not liking this story one bit
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