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for Are We Alone

7/8/2015 c1 sygiko
Love it _ can't for the next chapter
7/8/2015 c1 Terror of Death Skieth
I really like where this story is going pls do keep it up.
7/8/2015 c1 Kestes
Hmm. Ah remember reading this in your Compendium some time ago. So it looks like you're going to make this an actual fic? Heh well ill keep an eye out on this.

Thank you.
best regards,
7/7/2015 c1 Struggle Is Real
Your correct this story really has great potential. I like how u stay mostly in the humans point of view leaving us with a bit of curiosity about how the god is feeling and what they are thinking while slaughtering everyone. I do have a question though, what happen to all the other civilians was it only Shepard that survived or were the citizen alive but captured? Great job though! I know how difficult it is for myself to write action scenes and you did it good.
7/7/2015 c1 LL
Excellent start! Can't wait to see more of this and the Council's reaction to how one person did all that and the Illusive Man is of course going watch closely and try get any info he can get.
7/7/2015 c1 2GeneralStargate
This is really good. I love the idea of this story. I can't wait for more. Keep up the good work
7/7/2015 c1 LINK TO YOU
GOOD! soul reaper vs reaper I guess?
7/7/2015 c1 JJN37
Love it. Want more soon please. Although I do hope you include some kinda POV for ichigo just to explain what things :)
7/6/2015 c1 KINGREADER
This was good but I beg you please no pairings just no please
7/6/2015 c1 12Harbinger Of Kaos
Well this is interesting, I do hope to see more, and please no Tali, Liara or Shepard pairing, those have been done to death. I mean there a re much less used characters like Kasumi or Samara.
7/6/2015 c1 5Zealswordsmen
So far it is looking interesting.
7/6/2015 c1 Adam Jensen-TheAugmentedGod
I asked for this. :)
7/6/2015 c1 5beta-reader
Actualy its quite interesting...will ichigo be the only one that make appearance? Or the intire gotei 13 will to?
7/6/2015 c1 5Blindluck92
Haha! Gods breaking the Blitz, eh? This brings back some good memories...

Seriously, good promise to this story. Shepard didn't actually kill all the pirates, on Elysium, but better to say it WAS Shepard and give humanity symbol than admit the truth: a devil dressed as a boy killed thousands of raiders, and he doesn't answer to the Alliance... or anyone else but his own soul.
7/6/2015 c1 4Nargus
Heh. An interesting plot line. And an interesting point that you didn't replace Shepard with her overly powerfyl counterpart either. It'd be interesting to see what come next~
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