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for Deus Ex Naruto

7/1 c3 Jondoe0321
You wonderful individual
5/5 c1 Guest
Need more chapters , but otherwise good story
4/23 c1 Raynoval
Too bad a story as good as this has no follow up friends, hmm, I hope you come back again to write this story
4/21 c14 Guest
Where is part chapter 15 please.
4/14 c3 Wildcat94
Came here for the promised lemons; leaving disappointed.
4/13 c1 guest
I don't suppose anyone is willing to take over this fic since the author is long gone and abandon it. It's always the good stories being unfinished.
4/3 c1 jellatinous
the grammar is pretty off but not unbearable. I wish you'd stuck to in universe only powers because using stuff from a bunch of different anime is not only too OP but makes it hard to keep track of. and the bs with personality is so bs I just skipped to the porn at that point.
2/21 c1 guest
Will someone takeover this story if the actual person isn't gonna update anymore?
1/27 c1 guest
I can only assume this author is dead.
12/30/2020 c2 Jeferson Arthur
Clones? Weeeelllllll, I don't know how to feel about this, I hate gangbangs but those are clones... Yeah no idea how to feel about this, but I don't think I enjoy it
12/30/2020 c1 Jeferson Arthur
Heh, if they think DB is cliche and what Naruto is them? Talk about shit taste, 700 episodes, 500 are of flashbacks, speech no jutsu, plot armor and happy go trash main character
12/30/2020 c14 Guest
more please
12/21/2020 c1 guest
Are you even still alive?
11/28/2020 c2 vanishing-king
that's my nigga popped out the glock
10/27/2020 c14 Guest
It's a shame you abandoned this story because I really liked it up till now!
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